During a pandemic coronavirus and the consequent pause in the season’s leading sports clubs have been able not only to keep your audience in social networks, but even increase it. And some of the foreign giants managed to attract over a month, over half a million new followers. However, the Russian clubs this trend does not apply. Their relevance in social networks during a pandemic remains unchanged, and a number of even decreased slightly.The only place where sports clubs can constantly communicate with its audience in connection with the spread of the coronavirus that became a social network. “B” analyzed the impact of these interactions on the example of one of them is Instagram, which enable placing the most variable, in terms of style and content.All research was selected in 33 of the club. 21 — football: three of the best club at the time of suspension of the season in the national Championships of the “big five” — Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla), Italy (Juventus, Lazio and inter), Germany (Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Leipzig), England (Liverpool, Manchester city and Leicester), France (PSG, Marseille and Rennes), as well as six clubs in the RPL (the first five in the standings — fighting for medals “Zenith”, “locomotive”, “Krasnodar”, “Rostov” and CSKA — with too popular to ignore, “Spartacus”). In addition, the list includes six NBA clubs (“Milwaukee Bucks”, “Toronto raptors”, “Boston Celtics”, “Los Angeles Lakers”, “Los Angeles clippers” and “Denver nuggets”) and the NHL (the”Boston Bruins”, “Tampa Bay lightning”, “Washington capitals”, “Saint Louis Blues”, “Colorado avalanche” and the “Vegas Golden knights”). North American six also generated based on the current, at the time of suspension, standings: taken teams occupying the top three places in each of the two conferences.Foreign teams, contrary to expectations, has managed to not only retain my audience, but even to increase significantly: from 27 foreign clubs 17 — 70% — have achieved growth of followers. The leaders on this indicator in absolute terms, became the elite of Spanish football clubs: real Madrid (plus 0.7 million followers) and Barcelona (plus 0.6 million). Behind them is the Italian “Juventus” (plus 0.5 million). Several clubs like PSG, Liverpool, Manchester city, as well as a basketball “Los Angeles Lakers” — managed to increase its constant audience of 0.3 million. Just lost to the leaders of the “Bavaria” (plus 0.2 million), “Boston Celtics” (+0.1 million) and inter (+0.1 million)However, the number of followers of the Spanish giants Barcelona and real Madrid (both of them more than 85 million), significantly ahead of the nearest competitors (Juventus — about two times, the PS�� — three, “Manchester city” — five, “Los Angeles Lakers” — more than six). So in percentage terms the growth of these clubs were about the same. Just lost to the leaders of the “Bavaria” (plus 0.2 million), “Boston Celtics” (+0.1 million) and inter (+0.1 million).Analysis confirming the trend, provided a “b” and announced last week by the French champion PSG. He collects weekly data on the total number of subscribers accounts ten largest clubs on five platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. According to two reports dated 20 and 26 April, seven clubs from dozens managed to make the leap in terms of growth in the number of subscribers in just a week (see table). It — Manchester city (plus 0.5 million), real Madrid (plus 0.4 million), Barcelona (plus 0.4 million), Liverpool (plus 0.4 million), “Manchester United” (plus 0.3 million), Juventus (plus 0.3 million), PSG (plus 0.3 million). Three — “Bavaria” “Chelsea” and “Arsenal” — radical changes are not showed, but without loss.Otherwise, the situation for Russian clubs that are in the General trend to fit could not: of the six, only two managed to make progress, but by the standards of foreign giants — symbolic. They were the clubs with the least number of followers — “the locomotive” (+2 thousand) and Krasnodar (plus 1 million). But most popular Instagram among Russia’s top teams — “Zenit” (668 subscribers) and CSKA (448 thousand) — on the contrary, there is a small outflow (minus 1 million).At the same time the amount of content provided by the Russian clubs abroad is not inferior. On average the number of posts in Instagram “Zenit” (6.1 publication) nearly was the leader and was only beaten by two clubs considered — “Boston Celtics” (7.5) and Liverpool (6,5).It is noteworthy that the intensity of filling the account no one of the Spanish clubs were the leaders. So, “Barcelona” average posted per day 2.2 post “real” and not limited to one. However, this trend is characteristic of many elite clubs — and Manchester city (3,7 publications), and Lazio (3,0), and “Lester” (3,0), and Juventus (2,7), and inter (2,4), and Marseille (2,1) and Borussia Dortmund (2,0), and PSG (1,9).Overall, the content offered by the clubs during a pandemic, is quite similar in nature. A significant part of the clubs decided to focus on quiso. So, on the page of “inter” invited to guess the player on the recording of his voice or the season for t-shirt design. Followers of “Locomotive” to determine player statistics or to solve feelwords. Subscribers of “Liverpool” — get to know the team member’s silhouette, “Krasnodar” — guess scheme scoring attack in a game where it was played.Popular clubs have a “day player” (in Stories membersAndes show how their day within the framework of self-isolation) and a collection of favorite books and series from the players. Broadcast cooking lessons in “Sevilla” and “Boston Celtics”, hockey players of “Boston Bruins” teach the subscribers to the Swedish language, Serge Ibaka from “Toronto raptors” shows how to properly iron things iron.In charge of the Department noted that “even in these strange times” “the team does a good job of offering new and exciting content both to inform and to entertain the fans.”Ekaterina Remizova