The Spanish town of Zahara de la Sierra has managed what very few other cities have these sygdomsspredningstider:

They have kept coronavirussen for the door.

Not one resident in the small town of 1,400 inhabitants in the southern region of Andalusia have been infected with the Covid-19.

the Reason that the city government has kept the disease the rod, because according to CNN, the 40-year-old mayor of Santiago Galván was snarrårdig and reacted quickly, as the proliferation of coronavirussen really took off in Spain.

He decided to isolate the city and closed immediately four of the five approach roads.

“Now it is more than 14 days ago, and it is a good sign,” says Santiago Galván to CNN.

Spain is with small to 11,000 deaths and with 117.000 registered infected with Covid-19 one of the allerhårdest affected countries.

Not just in Europe but throughout the world.

Only Italy surpasses them worldwide in the number of dead.

14.681 Covid-19 fatalities recorded sounds the recent news in Italy.

Spuler cars with chlorine

in Order to ensure that the virus remains on the other side of the wall to the Zahara de la Sierra, have the mayor set a vejblokade up on the way into town.

Here mourn the two men wearing the necessary safety equipment in order to disinfect all cars crossing the city limits.

With a mixture of chlorine and water spuler the cars, which also must run through a basin, where the tires are covered by a liquid which kills all bacteria.

“There is not a car that has not been disinfected, which comes through the checkpoint,” says Galván.

the Mayor acknowledges that he is not with hundred percent certainty whether it works to washing the cars on the road through the city, but as he says:

“We have managed to give serenity to our neighbors.”