Cinemas in Russia will be able to massively open in mid-July, expects Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. The network “Karo” has already started to sell the certificates for a visit to the cinema, timed to the premiere of the Disney movie “Mulan” July 24. But in General the repertoire to this time still poor, and the audience will need time to return to the cinemas, warn market participants.”Cinemas will be able to earn in the middle of July,”— said at the briefing on 2 June, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko (was broadcast on “Russia 24”). He added that in the halls will be provided special Seating arrangements.Cinema in Russia began to massively close in late March. In April the cinemas tried to open in Chukotka and closed in two days; in may, officials were allowed to open them in the Leningrad and Smolensk regions. There were shown from the past to rent movies because of movie premieres were moved to the end of the summer and autumn; cinema Smolensk region soon closed once again. The network “Karo” already announced the sale of the certificates to the movies. Their design is bound to two summer releases — the Disney movie “Mulan” with a release date of July 24, and animation “spongebob in the run,” which is due out August 6. “Caro” will open theaters as the lifting of restrictions in the regions, told Kommersant General Director of this network Olga Sinyakova. “Of the major releases we expect to show the film Christopher Nolan “Argument”, “Mulan”, “Sponge Bob run”. All these releases are scheduled for the second half of the summer, and we hope that they will not be moved,— she said.— It is imperative that rich, maybe even in excess, the schedule was maintained until the end of the year, since the return of the audience in the cinema will take a few months, and the financial gap is now very big.””We are again reinsured and late decisions: as of late closure and late openings,”— said “Kommersant” the General Director of United cinema network “cinema Park”, “Formula Kino” and “Kino OKKO” Alex Asasin. In this case, neither in June nor in July, the repertoire will not be enough, said Mr Vanasin. “But the guests have to get used to in the cinema is safe, therefore, to open to, focusing not only on the repertoire in any case will be an adaptation period of return”, he added.Only by December, the revenue of the cinemas will be 20-25% less than last year’s December, another year gone to “recover”, expected in April at the conference ComScore CEO “Kinomax” Dmitry Nartov. “As soon as a region will confirm that the epidemiological situation allows to open shopping malls, we will open,— he argues.— Unlikely to be a single day of the opening of cinemas throughout the network.” He also noted that “Kinomax” “permanent success” led ��peregovory with all partners — from landlords about lease suppliers of popcorn, because popcorn purchased quickly loses shelf life, and “these stocks are a huge amount of money.”Anna Afanasyeva