China has suspended the import of poultry meat, the supply of which is engaged in a U.S. Corporation Tyson Foods Inc. after the tests COVID-19 of hundreds of its employees tested positive. Health officials in the country vowed to strengthen inspections of all shipments from overseas because of fears that traces of the virus can be on packages of imported frozen products, according to CNN Business.

the Us company announced on Friday, June 19, that 481 of its employees was diagnosed with coronavirus, a new type plant, located in Springdale, Arkansas. Only 26 of them the disease is asymptomatic. In total, the dangerous infection has been tested over 3,700 people.

“We are sure that our products are safe, and we hope that the governments of the US and China will resolve this issue during the consultations,” said CNN Business representative of the company.

it is Reported that all products of the American company, delivered in China, will be confiscated at the customs.

According to experts, this lock supplies from China could undermine the first phase of the trade deal between Washington and Beijing, in which China within two years to buy US agricultural products and other goods $200 billion.

the Chinese market for American companies is one of the most important in the world. In February, the company announced that orders China for pork rose nearly 600% in the first fiscal quarter compared to the previous year.

in Addition, the Corporation expected that the import of American chicken in China doubled after the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), which last year lost a considerable part of the population of these animals.

the Outbreak of ASF was widely considered as a factor that pushed the country in November last year to cancel a ban on imports of American poultry. The Chinese government then said that this step will help the country to meet the demand for meat.

the Import of American poultry was banned in China in 2015 due to the outbreak of bird flu in the United States. Two years earlier, America exported to China of poultry meat worth more than $ 500 million.

Sunday, 21 June, representatives of the American company stressed in its statement that according to the world health organization and Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States, there is no evidence of transmission of a new type through food.

moreover, the Chinese authorities have repeatedly mentioned that they listen to all the recommendations of international organizations, therefore, will not enter any food restrictions for foreign corporations.

At the same time, step lock supply company Tyson contrary to this Zayathe adverse conditions. Moreover, Chinese health officials even promised to strengthen inspections of all shipments from overseas because of fears that traces of the virus can be on packages of imported frozen produce.

Such a decision China adopted at a time when he continues to fight the effects of flash COVID-19 for the wholesale food market “Sinhali” in Beijing. As you know, traces of the virus were detected in several samples from the environment, including on a cutting Board for the import of salmon. However, there are concerns that the virus spread unnoticed for several weeks before it was discovered for the first time on the market in the Chinese capital.

the Customs authorities of China began to check all batches of imported meat in the presence of the virus. In a statement issued on Thursday, June 18, the staff of the Chinese customs reported that all 32 of 174 samples (including imported seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits), taken in the food market in Beijing, gave a negative result.

in addition, China customs suspended the importation of pork from one of the German companies after 600 of its employees detected the virus of the new type.