on the Day of memory and grief was opened in the Park “Patriot” opened the Main temple of the Russian Armed forces. The day before, in the temple was symbolic of lithium in the memory of the victims of the great Patriotic War. Visitors also opened a memorial Museum complex “Road of memory”. In the Church previously held services, but just now the gates are open to all parishioners.

the Temple was opened on 9 may, when the country celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Victory. But intervened coronavirus, and due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation the opening ceremony was postponed.

Only 14 Jun temple Armed forces was consecrated by Patriarch of all Russia Kirill. And the opening has appointed yet another symbolic date for our country – June 22 Day of grief.

on the night of June 22 in memory of the victims of the great Patriotic war in the Church held a solemn service of lithium. The time spent and the action of memory. At exactly four o’clock in the morning, the protesters lit off the main lamp of the Temple candles. They were installed in 87 architectural forms of the memorial complex “Road of memory”.

the Flame of memory lit and have specially brought to the Museum of the earth of the places with the fiercest fighting in WWII. During the ceremony sounded an historical record of the first message about the beginning of the war uttered by Levitan on the morning of 22 June 1941.

on the Day of memory and grief, the Temple was visited by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He took part in the Liturgy. After the President laid flowers at the statue of the mothers of the winners. Also visited the Museum complex “Road of memory”, whose length is 1418 steps — the number of days and nights of the great Patriotic war. Vladimir Putin said: the memory of military traditions is the basis of military service in the Russian army, of course, the key to homeland security.

“the Main basis of military service remain at all times will remain, the courage, devotion to duty, honor, and boundless love for the Fatherland. These values define the unconditional help of the Russian army and Navy to carry their watch. I-the history of the country, in unbreakable covenants of the generation of victors, steel, unyielding courage of the soldiers who took the first fight at dawn June 22, 1941, and gave all of humanity the world and the future of may 9, 1945. Eternal memory to the fallen heroes. Low bow to veterans. Glory to the Armed forces of Russia!” – Putin said.

Recall that the first stone in the Foundation of the Main temple of the Armed forces was laid down on 19 September 2018. The temple was built in record time – less than two years. The design was combined with modern technology and the traditions of Russian Church architecture. Every detail and element of the design imbued with deep symbolism and are intended to perpetuate the memory of the terrible ordeal for our St��Ana in its history – the great Patriotic war.