Furnished to the pandemic were discussed at the meeting of the Presidium of the coordinating Council to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Already show a positive trend in Moscow, the Moscow region and several other regions, said the head of government. However, “even with the easing of restrictions in some regions, all prevention efforts need to continue to observe,” urged Mishustin citizens. After all, as before, you have to care about health – and your, and your family.

In turn, the government will increase the number of tests each week, said the Prime Minister. “In an average day we spend about 300 thousand tests, just already made over 15 million of research in the country – said the head of the Cabinet. – The number of tests, our state is among the world leaders”.

moreover, Russia is the first country which has not stopped this process after the rate of new infections began to decline. “It is important to assess the situation as a whole. But in the first place – to reduce the number of severe cases – said Mishustin. Because just handed the test to identify the disease and start treatment.”

In a number of European countries have already started moving along this path, confirming the progressivity of the Russian approach, concluded the head of government.

In some Russian regions, “the virus has manifested itself later,” and the number of cases remains high, he said Mishustin. Each region of the Russian Federation can count on prompt assistance from the Federal government in case of aggravation of the situation, assured the Prime Minister. In such areas sent mobile medical teams that includes experienced physicians, said the head of the Cabinet. Experts from the Federal government, he said, help to identify new cases, advise local doctors on the most difficult patients. Such visits were already in 11 regions.

the Joint efforts managed to contain the spread of infection. An example of good work to combat it – the situation in Dagestan. There, according to mishustina, managed to establish medical care and medicines. And in the end reduce the number of new patients. As said the head of Ministry of health Michael Murashko, to stabilize the situation in the Republic is managed in three weeks. The number of tests in Dagestan has increased more than six times. Soon specialists of the Ministry of health intend to travel to Amur oblast, Karachaevo-Cherkessia and Kamchatka.

in addition, the head of the Ministry of health, has been evaluated as a whole, was organized medical assistance to the patients with coronavirus in a difficult situation. According to him, and inpatient and outpatient units have worked well, and supplies intensive care beds “great”. Quickly monitor the availability of places in hospitals allows the Ministry of Information system. It also captures how successful the outcome of the disease in patients who are treated in Russia was medicine for coronavirus.

in conclusion, Mikhail Murashko agreed with the head of the government that it is necessary to continue preventive measures. It is essential to reduce morbidity.

At the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers Mikhail Mishustin reported that he signed the action plan for the implementation of the new food security doctrine of the Russian Federation. One of the main goals of this paper is to improve the quality of the products on the shelves.

the President approved the doctrine in the end of January this year, recalled the head of the Cabinet. Now developed complex solutions for the tasks. Mikhail Mishustin underlined that the Russian agribusiness reliably provides the internal market with basic foodstuffs. And in the future it is planned to increase the rate of production of agricultural products. “But it is equally important that the products that I buy citizens was of high quality, emphasized Mishustin. – The plan provides for measures to control the production of food”. At the same time, said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers will consider the need for observance of technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union.

Among other measures to improve food security to rural development, the purchase of modern equipment for farmers, support for science and expansion of trade. “Work on the implementation of the road map will lead in collaboration with our senators, – said the Prime Minister. They represent all regions of our country and know their specifics, which is quite different. It is always necessary to consider to achieve the most effective implementation of our solutions.” Mishustin also focused on the topic of lending to the agricultural sector. Preferential investment loans to agricultural producers are due. And now, additional support will be given to those who creates new jobs and increases the competitiveness of Russian agricultural production. Talking about the participants of the national project “Productivity and support employment.” “We have adjusted the rules of subsidies for reimbursement of lost revenue to banks at a concessional investment loans, he said. Now in the formation of their registry of potential borrowers as a matter of priority, it must include agricultural producers participating in this national project.”