“Our Constitution was made more than a quarter century ago, in fact – in the last century” – reminded the Deputy speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelov. Then, in the 90s, she worked as the Deputy Minister of labour and social development. The Senator recalls how it was difficult at that time to get the money for the payment of pensions and children’s allowances.

However, over the years Russia and the world has developed rapidly. “New opportunities have emerged from the country, especially in social development, in building social obligations. When they will be given constitutional significance, this will make it impossible to reduce them depending on different circumstances”, – said the Deputy head of the Federation Council.

Speaking about the most important amendments in the social sphere, she noted that the list of guarantees extended, it affects all population groups – children and young people, both working, and pensioners. “It is very important that all categories of citizens, all groups see that their interests are reflected (in the Constitution), and this is in addition to the social rights of citizens in General,” said Karelova.

“of Course, the huge importance of the amendments to the working people. What guarantee is introduced the minimum wage not below the subsistence minimum, this is a very important position,” said the Senator.

If you talk about the older generation, “decent pensions and indexation of pensions at least once a year is the most important guarantee for these people,” says Vice-speaker of the Federation Council. The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Elena Bibikova recalled that in the recent history of Russia there were periods when the requirement of indexation of pensions was written in the law, “but when the budget was formed, funds were not”. The amendments also provide for regular indexing of not only pensions but also other social benefits and payments. Now when the budget is the government simply can not ignore the provisions of the Constitution in this part, said Bibikov.

At the initiative of Federation Council members to the text of the Basic Law of Russia for the first time a mention of youth policy. “We brought in the text of article 72 the provision that youth policy is subject to joint jurisdiction of Federal authorities and regional authorities”, said Galina Karelova.

“the Fact that this term was first introduced in the Constitution, it is very important, because in Russia we have citizens aged 14 to 35 – 37 million”, – continued the theme of the head of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Inna Svyatenko. At the top she called another rule that children become a priority of state policy, and creating conditions for their spiritual, moral, physical development – the responsibility of the authorities. “The new Constitution, which we will adopt in this month, focused on the future” – underscribbled Inna Svyatenko.

Senator Tatiana Kusano, a doctor by training, believes that the situation with the pandemic coronavirus showed the correctness of the novels relating to health. In the first place – on the unified state policy in this sphere, and also about the availability of quality health care throughout the country. “And the important point is the participation of local governments in the organization of medical care”, – said Tatiana Kusano. In its opinion, this norm will have a positive impact on the provision of physicians, for example, on the housing accommodation, because such matters know it is the local government.

Another amendment was mentioned by the Senator from Sakhalin Yury Argali – on the protection of the territorial integrity of the country. According to him, this Novella is extremely important for the residents of Sakhalin and kurilchanami because their regions are contiguous “with the state, which has territorial claims”. The MP recalled that his countrymen were among the initiators of the rules on the inalienability of territory, and their suggestions were taken into account in the text of the presidential amendment. After its entry into force, the residents of Sakhalin and the Kurils will be able with full confidence to face the future, said Yuri Arkharov.