He was the biggest winner in the Champions League final between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid: Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois! The Belgian retained the title for the Madrilenians despite the Reds’ superiority. Now the 30-year-old is stepping up against his former sporting homeland.

Courtois captures victory: Thibaut Courtois was the logical ‘man of the match’ in the Champions League final. Liverpool had dominated the final with 23-4 shots on goal, had nine shots on target, Real Madrid had just one shot on target – which also proved to be the golden one.

Top against English: Courtois couldn’t hide his satisfaction after the overwhelming recognition after the end of the game and gave a dig at his former place of work: “In England I don’t get enough respect. So today I showed it. I wanted to get some respect for my name there,” said the Belgian after the final on TV.

Commuting between England and Spain: Courtois was under contract with Chelsea from 2011 to 2018, played 126 Premier League games for the Blues and was loaned to Atletico Madrid for the first three years. In 2018, the goalkeeper moved to Real Madrid, where he has now won his first Champions League title.

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