Amendments to the Housing code should increase the efficiency of activity of Council of an apartment house. Provides that the Chairman of the Board of MKD has the right to conclude a management contract with contracts for the provision of housing and communal services, to monitor the implementation of Treaty obligations in two ways: on the basis of powers of attorney issued by the owners of the premises, or on the basis of the decision of General meeting of owners.

Previously it was done by proxy. To represent the interests of the owners in the court related to the management or provision of public services, the President can continue only on the basis of powers of attorney.

the fact that you need to give more authority to the Chairman of the Board, talked for a long time, said one of the initiators of the amendments, the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing Pavel Kachkaev. Sometimes, it is critical that the decision on the management of the house was made quickly and without delay.

the changes will give the opportunity as quickly as possible to conclude the contract of management of the house after the vesting of the Chairman, such powers and determine the General meeting the terms of the contract, says Director of the “Urban agriculture” Fund “Institute for urban Economics” Irina Gentsler.

“you will Need to sign a contract to only two persons – the representative of the administering organization and the Chairman of the Board. In this case the owners is and previous version of the agreement control when the part owners can issue a power of attorney to the Chairman, and the rest will sign an agreement on their own,” – said the expert.

note, notes Gensler that since no changes have been made in a number of other articles of the Housing code, the management contract of the house is concluded, if a simple majority of votes of the meeting participants approved the terms of the contract and authorizes the Chairman of the Board to sign it. That is enough, for it was given a quarter of the votes plus one vote. “Active minority owners will be able to decide for the contract management of an apartment house,” says Gentzler. Still, the contract shall have been signed by the owners, the number of votes which is more than half of the total.