the Focus from inspections of entrepreneurs shifts to the prevention of violations. Changing the approach to inspections. Thus, the document spelled out in detail the procedure for their conduct, are subject to oversight activities. Introduced distinction between control types. To the usual formats of exit and documentary checks – added new ways to “dialogue”. In particular, there is control and monitoring procurement, inspection visit, inspection, RAID. These methods will be applied depending on the situation. In some cases it will be sufficient for remote computer control using photo and video recording.

to Determine the methods of inspections, their frequency, the specialists will be able on the basis of the risk management system of harm (damage) to legally protected values (by routine control – risk category, with unplanned – identifying risk indicator).

in addition, the law provides for the establishment of special information systems that accumulate all the information about the tests. For example, will create a single registry of controls and the unified register of the control (Supervisory) activities.

the Federal law will come into force from 1 July 2021. With the exception of certain provisions for which other dates are determined.

Total in Russia there are 241 species and ten forms of control, according to the annual report of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs and the Higher school of Economics. The work involved 48 of the Federal control bodies and 127 thousand inspectors. Per year they spend 1.6 million checks.