It looks as if you’ve lost your glow.

Actually, we met Cathy, Hummels (32), the wife of soccer star Mats Hummels (31), as a positive power woman. But on Instagram, the Influencerin acts in the last time, again and again, exhausted – and, Yes, downright sad. In addition, the already slim 32-Year-old has continued to decrease.

Now their Fans are worried about the young mother.

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especially the significant weight loss always makes for got comments. “Cathy, eat something. You look very thin and sick. Not healthy,“ it says, among other things.

for comments of your extremely slim figure, the young mother in her latest Instagram Post now like this:

“I’ve lost since Thailand 3 kg (gastric problems). I do everything I can to grow healthy again. At the Moment, I think, and it helps not to write to me constantly in my comments in an offensive way, because I’m aware of.“