Anyone looking for a cheap car is currently looking into the tube with new cars – not only because of the high-priced electric cars. A car magazine has analyzed where there are still basic models to buy.

The cheapest Volkswagen could cost 25,000 euros in the future and, as a small ID2 electric car, would be more of a second car. But petrol and diesel cars will also soon cost significantly more at VW, said VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer of the “Welt”: Combustion vehicles would each be 3000 to 5000 euros more expensive due to the more complex exhaust gas cleaning of the new Euro 7 standard. “With a small car, these additional costs can hardly be absorbed,” says Schäfer – cars under 10,000 euros will no longer be available in the future. This means, among other things, the long-announced end for the VW Up with a petrol engine.

But not only price increases for combustion engines and high entry prices for e-cars are fueling new car price inflation. As the magazine “Auto Verkehr” determined using current price and configuration lists, many manufacturers currently do not offer any cheap basic models.

Because of the chip crisis and delivery problems, many cheap models can no longer be ordered, according to “Auto Verkehr”. Some examples:

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But there are also exceptions. For the following manufacturers, the magazine only registered minor price jumps or basic models were still configurable at all:

Whether cheap or expensive – most new cars currently have unusually long delivery times. Customers who wait in vain for their new car usually have bad luck, especially if a non-binding delivery date has been given. Actually, they only have one option: they can withdraw from the purchase contract after a certain period of time. In most cases, unfortunately, no compensation can be expected. Detailed information on this topic can be found here.

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