According to Anton, he had options to leave the camp of Dynamo, but he refused it. And ready to help the team to interrupt the streak of 25 years without a trophy. In an interview with “RG” Shunin also shared his thoughts on the resumption of the season in the championship of Russia, new rules for the players, the trip to the ceremony “Golden ball” in Paris, and much more.

How to spend time in quarantine?

Anton Shunin: Trained individually. Difficult situation – the first time it’s happened. It all started with the fact that after the game with “Ahmad” we are going to Sochi. Even then it was unclear, will there be a next match with “Krasnodar”. In such moments it’s hard to train like you are preparing for the game, but rumor has it that the championship will stop. Then we went back to Moscow, no one knew for how long that would last.

All this time you were in Moscow?

Anton Shunin: No, I was out of town, in the Tver region. Understood that the capital will be more infected, because here come people from all over the world. At first I trained the entire team on video conference, and then each distributed program. But when it became clear that the championship will resume again began to gather in Zoom. It is possible to maintain the form, but, of course, one hundred percent of such training will not replace the work on the field.

Probably missed football like never before?

Anton Shunin: This pause in my career yet was not. More than two months without matches and practice field for the first time. We, the players, and was wondering: how are we going to prepare for the games? We have it less than a month, and there is still a lot of matches. After that break in a week and a half next season. So it’s hard to predict how everything will go. It is clear that it will be difficult to reach peak form for 20 days – the players may be injured. But the main question is: how to play without the fans? The matches will be friendly remind, in the same League. The fact that the Premier League will be shown on public TV, it’s a great thing. Fans will be able to relive their teams, although not at the stadium.

Some will be able to get to the stadium. There are after all to let ten percent of the capacity of the arena.

Anton Shunin: of Course, perfect when a full stadium come support the team. But in this situation it is great that at least ten percent to be able to meet. It’s better than playing in an empty stadium.

In what part of now training “Dynamo”? Legionaries had joined the team?

Anton Shunin: we do Have a lot of those who are ill. I’ve read that our team almost suffered from the coronavirus. In principle, nothing surprising here, because many were in Moscow. All the Legionnaires have returned, some have aboutwas quarantine and train. Slowly, the team is going, almost all are already working in groups.

And the players discussed among themselves the news about the infected in “Dinamo”?

Anton Shunin: of Course. Let me tell you how we passed through it. When it became known about the resumption of the season, our leadership agreed that we passed the tests. Each player set a day and time when he should come to the base. It was with a difference in ten minutes, we passed the tests and left. No contacts between us personnel and the staff was not. We took the analysis of blood on antibodies it became clear who had and who now can get. The day took swabs from the nose and mouth. In the evenings at the same time we were training on video. Only then anyone who is healthy, was allowed to pass a medical examination and start practicing together.

How do you currently exercise?

Anton Shunin: to Begin with, has changed the system of finding on the base. We are now in two places – in the Parking lot and the entrance to the base – there are tunnels for disinfection. We don’t go in the locker room, don’t shower together in the shower, do not go to the sauna – all this under the ban. Everywhere antiseptics, strict security rules. Each of us is dressed and warming up in your room. Bring the form and leave it at the door. Minimum contacts are at a distance from each other. Yes, life is in some degree changed. But I will not say that it is bad. The room is exactly the same to do the exercises change and get on the field.

what power?

Anton Shunin: After training, we go down the hall. We bring the food and distribute it in lunchboxes. Disposable utensils, a few dishes to choose from. Take everything and go to your room. When two classes per day – the same thing. Yet.

Still not said how you are going to get to the matches? In Germany in General there was talk that the team will teams go to arenas on three buses.

Anton Shunin: Immediately thought of that at away games is also on three planes will need to fly (laughs). We have, incidentally, the first match in Krasnodar. But it is unlikely we will give three Charter (laughs). Can’t answer this question, but I’m sure our leaders will do something. They worry for the team. When we were in isolation, we brought the bicycles, mats, gum club as care of players. If you have to take three buses, I think they will find.

What is the goal of “Dynamo” on the rest of the season?

Anton Shunin: one Task is to go out and win every game. We are now in sixth place. What prevents to go on. You should try to take advantage of the situation. Of course, the clubs know what to do, how to prepare players, but I think not a hundred percent. Can be physically well to pull the team, it will run, but is likely to be a lot of injuries. You can prepare technically, a lot of work with the ball, but the physics has to give way to competitors. Let’s see who will be able to find a balance.

What has changed in the team with Cyril Novikov?

Anton Shunin: It very clearly and lucidly explains everything. Everyone understands what he needs to do on the field. We have an interesting theory, Novikov a lot of discussing with the players the tactical aspects. Tells us: if you have questions, come ask. Everyone can debate what sort of gaming episode with the coach and the entire team. Have discipline, but you can make a joke, and the coach himself often dilutes the situation.

it is Important that the Novikov – Dynamo?

Anton Shunin: to be a good coach, first and foremost, it takes talent and charisma. He should be able to motivate the team, be a good motivator. Novikov has it all. He’s young, but not afraid to go forward, to configure the players. Constantly tells us that we are stronger and should win.

one of the latest newcomers Dynamo impressed you the most?

Anton Shunin: Dynamo bad players do not fall. Another thing is that it’s a big club with tradition – not everyone can open up. The same Fyodor Smolov – our children, at some point he didn’t do well, but he left and the other team was the top scorer. Now we have many good players. The same SEB (Shimanski – Approx.ed.) – a young, strong individual. It still all ahead, it will manifest itself.

Is it any pandemic to wait for the biggest transfers in the Premier League? Or they now won’t be long?

Anton Shunin: it is possible that it will not. Now in the world crisis, almost every business survives. And football cannot remain aloof from these processes. I believe that players of almost all teams in the Premier League did the right thing and went for a fall in wages. This is the answer to the clubs who are counting on us and give us the opportunity to earn.

are increasingly saying that the level of our championship every year. Is that so?

Anton Shunin: is Not so clear. Before the RPL clubs had more money. Now top players don’t offer such huge contracts – accordingly, they are less likely to come to Russia. For instance, the “Anji”, where he played Roberto Carlos and Samuel Is”O. Now the clubs financial harder, they rationally prefer to spend money. Less money – less big names. This affects the results, including in Europe. But still comes to Philip, and other tops.

But last year CSKA lost to “Ferencvaros” and “real Madrid” and “Zenit” – “Benfica”. There budgets are certainly less than.

Anton Win win: and this Happens. At the same CSKA young footballers, a lot of guys who have no experience of performances at such level. Somewhere not have time to recover, somewhere the role played by the short bench. This season has been so – it is a coincidence. But the championship is not to belittle. Our team acts with dignity. It also speaks about the level of the Premier League, because most players from Russian clubs.

you Have real chances to become the number one team? Now Akinfeev in the team.

Anton Shunin: of Course, aim to play for the team to go to Euro. It is simple and complex at the same time. Always think about how to play the next match as much as possible. Today I have training I have to spend it with maximum quality. Tomorrow the game is similar. No need to think about competitors, who of us is better or more worthy. This solves the coaching staff.

In December of last year, you attended the ceremony of “Golden ball”. What were your impressions?

Anton Shunin: When the leaders of the club called and said that we have been invited there, my first thought was: “a few days an important game against Zenit, we must prepare”. But no doubt the trip to Paris was not. Such events cannot be skipped.

What was it like to be around such stars like Kilian Mbappe, Alisson?

Anton Shunin: We met Alisson, was photographed. The event attracted the best players in the world, known for agents and club leaders. It’s an incredible emotion. In Paris I asked myself the question: why Russian players do not get here? Why, for example, may not qualify for the Lev Yashin trophy? My answer is the reason for the lost time. When I started to play football, no sports schools, normal fields. We practiced in the arena, which worked for a long time the market. There were no conditions, goalkeeping coaches. Because of these factors, you lose time and are unprepared for the move to Europe. And time to prove himself, a player very little. In Europe children at the age of 18 receive invitations from top clubs begin to play for the national teams. We have at this age players are still rarely disclosed. Especially in Europe, prefer their own, especially goalkeepers, and the alien must be a cut or two stronger.

Now the situation with the infrastructure improved. I hope we will have more talented guys who will go abroad in good clubs. And the sooner the better. I think Arshavin is the most talented player in the history of Russia, but I think he could achieve even more if it had left earlier. Although he has had a career of top-level. Golovin also did the right thing by going to Monaco. I’m sure this is just the beginning, and he will be in an even stronger team.

See yourself in the future as a coach?

Anton Shunin: not Now. But if to be a coach, but only the main. Although I could be a good goalkeeping coach – I have my own vision and experience. But I prefer football management. I would like to lead a team to collect her. Of course, it is important to get the right knowledge. Expect in the near future to address this issue. Moreover, the club is ready to help, including teaching in a business school in SKOLKOVO. I would like to be the link, which will work with both the leadership and the players. Communication between club management and players is necessary, otherwise you will not succeed.

You have recently become a father. How has your life changed? Fails to pay soccer as much attention as before?

Anton Shunin: of Course, for me this is the second experience (smiles). A big thank you to the wife, which frees me from the hassle and fully occupied by our baby. At night she lets me sleep to prepare for training. This is important, especially in this difficult period, as it is now. I find free time for family, but not at the expense of football.

do Not set a goal to play until a certain age?

Anton Shunin: I Think, 40 years old I can play without problems, the more the body allows me to. I feel a lot of strength and energy. I am one of those who trains more than anyone in the team. While this is so, I want to play.

Wondered why Dynamo for 25 years can’t win the championship?

Anton Shunin: If I worked in the management of the club, such as sports Director, could give a clearer answer. We had different times. Was good times when we could take the trophy, but something did not work. For example, in the 2011/12 season when Bozovic and Silkin we played beautiful attacking football, on courage, but took only fourth place. The 2014/15 season at the Top was also quite good – again in fourth place. It’s a competition. Football club is a single mechanism, where everything depends not only from players but also from the structure of the club, its policies. Only together can achieve results.

Really for many years, Dynamo has never had thoughts to change the situation?

Anton Shunin: Know there is an opinion: if you want to grow, you need to change something in life, put yourself in uncomfortable conditions. There were different situations when I was not playing and could have gone to other clubs, but nevertheless we “Dynamo” together. And I am very happy. The club has given me so much, and I want to repay the favor.

Born January 27, 1987 in Moscow.

the pupil of the Moscow “Dynamo”. For the first team plays since 2007. Bronze medalist of Russian championship-2008, winner of the only mobile��TWA Germany (2016/17), the finalist of the Cup of Russia-2011/12.

the opening of the season according to the Russian football Union in 2007. Best player of “Dinamo” fans (2019). In 2012 was included in the list of the best players of the championship of Russia.

In 2002 and 2005 were involved in the youth national teams of Russia and Moscow. 2007 youth team player. In August 2007, made his debut in the national team in the friendly match with Poland. Has played for the national team three matches. Was included in the squad for the European championship-2012.