Called a possible new carrier of the coronavirus

With the onset of summer in the cities will appear poplar fluff, which could be a new potential carrier of a coronavirus and to contribute to its spread. About NSN announced immunologist-allergologist, PhD Hope Login.

She called the flowering poplars powerful factor that increases contagiousness. In her opinion, if by the middle of June, the epidemic does not stop, it will be “particularly difficult situation”. On the other hand, the population will start exacerbation of allergic respiratory diseases, allergies and fall risk. Login noted that we are talking about more than 20 percent of the world’s population.

The doctor said that soon will start flowering season, and are prone to allergies people aktiviziruyutsya defensive reaction of the mucous membranes. This will make them more prone to infection and should carefully follow all the precautions.

Formerly a leading pulmonologist Alexander Chuchalin suggested that the epidemic will decline to mid-June. According to the chief epidemiologist, Ministry of health Nikolai Briko, a decrease in the number of infected is possible in June-July.