Serie A, Cagliari-fear Radja Nainggolan of as a result of the coronacrisis will not be able to keep it. President Tommaso Giulini told me earlier in the week, aldat, the less likely it is that the ex-Red Devil in the next year, in Sardinia (italy) for him. In the LaGazzetta dello Sport , says of Giulini and now the coronacrisis is already quite a ‘mission impossible’ seems to be. “In a world of corona, we may not even be the half of his wages to pay for it.”

After a disappointing stint at Inter was leaving Nainggolan last year, he was still contracted to the sardinian capital Cagliari. For the fans of locks, the belgian – who had previously bombed-to-happen almost instantly in his arms. His stats speak for themselves, with five goals and as many assists in 21 league games. An extension of the stay is the dream of the fans, board of directors, and may also be Raja, but the coronacrisis complicates things though. Also in Cagliari you will feel the financial effects of the flow of the Series.”If Nainggolan to the club will continue to be, we will have interviews starting with Inter, but that will be very difficult,” said the president, in the Gazzetta dello Sport . “If I’m honest, I have to admit that the world of corona, the heart of Cagliari’s not even the half of his salary to pay.”