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– We laid off a few pieces, but quickly found out that it is of course not, ” says managing director Anders Topland by Grimstad Bådsenter.

southern norway’s largest retail outlet for the boats are fully manned despite koronakrisen.

” We have had to work overtime to get the finished boats. Many will have them out at easter, ” says Topland.

Norwegian båtprodusenter also announces about the good times.

Several places in Europe requires manufacturers to lay off. In Norway, the situation is the exact opposite, writes the website the Boating.

Chief executive Anders Topland by Grimstad Bådsenter with the model they have sold the most of the last few weeks, an Ibiza over a half a million dollars.

Photo: Miriam Gross / NRK boating enthusiasts will rejoice over turnaround, Heading to sea for easter

More southerners are planning easter holiday at sea.

It marks Arendal Bådsenter, which can report good sales figures in a time where many will cancel utenlandsferiene, according to Agderposten.

– Normally, it is set in easter, but now it is the opposite, ” says managing director Jon Terje Engesland Andersen.

Sales have more than doubled in the last few weeks. The center has sold 18 boats on the one and a half week.

We’ve suddenly got a very high pace. Customers will spend money on the boat, and holiday home in local communities.

– Beneficial to buy a boat now,

In the Uk there are nearly one million recreational boats, according to the industry association Norboat.

– It may well be a part that experiences an increased interest for the boat now that koronasituasjonen wasting, ” says managing director Leif Bergaas in Norboat.

BÅTPUSS: Mariann Nyutstumoen is one of sørlendingene who is ready to get out in the boat this easter.

Photo: Siv Kristin Sællmann / NRK

He believes kystkommunene on the South coast are in a unique position.

Hytteforbudet reigns now, and then it is a part of the South coast who can’t go on the cabin. Then you will go either out in the boat.

If there is anyone who is considering buying a boat, it’s time to turn to now, according to the Bergaas. In the time ahead, will the boats that are imported from abroad become more expensive because of the weak krona.

– You will save quite a lot on to buy now. When we get boats to the “old” euro.

The gorgeous weather has got it to tingle in the fingers to many boat owners, and many have put out the boat.

GEIR EGELAND / NRK Short trips

the Norwegian society for sea rescue is hopeful that more norwegians buy a boat.

We are ready to provide the help people need, ” says medievakt Lars Mosby Meadows.

In the nearest time encourages the Norwegian society for sea rescue to avoid road trips.

– More gjestehavner is closed, among other things, in Kristiansand. You must have extra fuel and be carefully with the planning, advises Mosby Meadows.

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