Ilya Averbukh and Lisa Arzamasova

for a second day discussing a novel 46-year-old Ilya Averbuch and 25-year-old Lisa Arzamasova. Yesterday there were photos on which the skater and star of the TV series “Daddy’s girls” dinner in one of restaurants of Moscow, from which fans immediately concluded that they meet. It turns out that the pair managed to deftly hide the affair, but tonight the stars decided to “come out” and declared their relationship to the public.

We do with Lisa meet and build our relationship… What can I say?

— admitted to athlete.

At the same time Averbukh refused to comment on the age difference, which is so concerned with fans. Ilya also replied evasively to the question about the future wedding. Averbukh said that he and Lisa have just started their relationship. However, the athlete’s father, it seems, had already become acquainted with his beloved son.

Always supported and now particularly supports the choice of the son,

— said “MK” Izyaslav Naumovich.

the Father of the skater impressed that, in addition to acting, Elizabeth is engaged in charity and is a Trustee of the Fund of assistance to the elderly and disabled “the old Age in pleasure”.

According to rumors, Lisa Arzamasova first met with a colleague at “Daddy’s daughters” of Philip the Pale, and then with Rodion Gazmanov. However, official confirmation of this was not.

Ilya Averbukh, in turn, from 1995 to 2007, was married to a figure skater and his partner on the ice Irina Lobacheva. Together they are raising 16-year-old son Martin, he left to live with his father. After the divorce, skater allegedly met with actress Alisa Grebenschikova, but true or not, we can only guess. No comments for this reason the stars were not given.