Almost all the theatres of the world by the pandemic are today in a financial dead end, suffer huge losses and are looking for ways to overcome them. The Paris Opera last week even before the end of the year was closed for repairs, but London’s Covent garden making desperate attempts to revive its economy and went on an interesting experiment. Last week, the theater held a free direct online broadcast of the performances of the actors on the stage of the Royal theatre at the empty auditorium, and today and next week we will repeat this format, but… for the money. To see a concert with participation of stars of the Covent garden audience need to shell out £ 5. The amount is in fact purely symbolic, given the cost of tickets for a real understanding of this theatre. But the audience watching can gain million, so revenues from these live concerts can be not such and small. Participation in this online concert (broadcast on the website of the Royal theatre are on Saturdays) take the English superstar of the Royal ballet, Vadim Muntagirov, who gave the Explorer MK exclusive interview.

From the files in MK: Vadim Muntagirov native of Chelyabinsk, studied at the Perm ballet school and in 15 years became the winner of the largest international dance competition in Lausanne. Continued training at the Royal ballet school in London, after which he became Prime Minister of the English national ballet, and soon one of the best ballet companies in the world – the Royal ballet of great Britain. Is the guest star of many famous Opera and ballet houses in the world such as Paris and Vienna Opera. As the best artist of the year three times winner of the prestigious award of the English critics circle National Dance Awards: 2009 (this year was marked by his role of Prince Siegfried in the performance of the English national ballet “Swan lake”), 2013 and 2018. Twice winner (2014 and 2019) Oscar in ballet prize Benois de la danse, presented annually at the Historic Bolshoi theatre.

the concert of the stars of Covent garden for £ 5

– we Have a vacation would have to be, but a month later, in early July. But we, like many other theatres, he decided to give the now – Vadim tells me on the phone a few days before the concert. – That is just a few days ago we closed the season, and now the whole theatre was on vacation. It will last until July 16 and will only be taken the very first steps to the artists managed to do in the halls of the theatre. Not even to rehearse the plays, but only to engage in the class…

when the audience you are going to the theatres to invite?

– the audience did not even say anything this only applies to artists. Moreover, July 16 – these are the first steps of the work of the artists. And while theaters don’t know how it will be done. May be group of 10 people, and there will be several classes or classes during the day. And you don’t have to be these classes to visit, as desired. That is, the theatre will be open and will only try to work with the artists. We in the theater was not a single day for two and a half months. And the season is supposed to start on 1 September. And it’s also not yet the performances and the beginning of the work is already whole company in full. Because many actors are now in other countries, and it is unknown whether they will be able to get to 16 Jul to come or not. So date-like.

So, despite the fact that the season is over and you leave, however, the theatre continues to work and even doing such an action, as performances online, and for money?

– Kevin me and the other guys just asked for it. We certainly don’t have to… He just knows someone in London left, who in other countries. The first performance was free, and the next two will be inexpensive, only 5 pounds.

– please Tell us about this concert at Covent garden, in which you’ll participate…

– just a little more than a week ago, my Director, Kevin O’hare called me and said that Covent garden is going to do such performances online. First will be the first – it is free, then a week, and the week will be two more, but for the money. There the concert will be divided into three parts: the band will perform some works then will sing Opera singers, and then will be performing artists of the Royal ballet. And here last Saturday from the Royal ballet were young artists: Cesar Corrales and Frankie Hayward. She is a leading dancer, and he is the first soloist. Since they’re a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, they were quarantined together and can now dance a pas de Deux. For them, Wayne McGregor puts some new modern room. And since I’m the one you can dance solo, because there will be opportunities to rehearse with a partner. That is, we do not authorize anyone at this time to touch. So on Saturday June 20 I’m gonna dance the famous solo of our English classics, Frederick Ashton’s “Dance of the blessed souls.” In Moscow it, I know David Hallberg danced.

Great room! I saw him in the performance of Holberg and you’re really going to go. You have prepared?

– It’s in my repertoire, I used to dance. But to rehearse in the theatre the us administration is not allowed. Me and the theatre did not plan to give the teacher. Now after such a period, holidays, summer vacation and the Director also can not call the teachers, so I have this room to prepare. I told Kevin that I tripati��th that I have my own Studio where I do now and I can just move to the right. That I don’t need to use the metro and log with people in contact.

the Concert will be filmed and go live broadcast?

– a Little bit wrong. As I understand it, we first removed, and then a short time later will show. That is, Kevin told me that you can reshoot if something suddenly will not work. So I don’t think I will live. On Friday, we come to the theatre will be the rehearsal and the run, and Saturday is already shot. And on the same day, the concert will show. To be honest, I haven’t sent: I’ll be there, what time is rehearsal, what time shooting. That is, I still really don’t know myself. I only know that we need to rehearse this number and all. (Laughs)… It will be a spectacle without spectators, but with cameras. And in order to limit the number of participants, I was told that even grim will have to do yourself.

As it was in London: “At the peak of the career you’re sitting at home on the couch and wait”…

I a little strange to hear about such strict precautions in London, because we somehow just all offers: at the Mariinsky theatre classes began last week. And you so sit in quarantine? Because at first your Prime Minister for example Sweden did not want anything to close, and now, judging by what you have to say, pretty tough measures are taken now, after two and a half months…

– Well, this may be because in Covent garden leave. And so, basically, everything else but theaters have quietly opened: and some stores, and people on the street now is much more.

– And how did it all happen in London?

– Everything was closed at all, especially the first month… First it was still possible to go to the Park. But then over time began to gather so many people… Hundreds! And every week was getting harder and harder. And that’s just literally this Monday we are permitted to meet with friends: so the two families can meet each other (not three!). Last week I could not go, for example, to visit a friend! But I still, of course, walking. Here in the Studio, where I do, there is a small garden in the back, and I was able to sit there, to breathe the air. The only place I’ve seen a few people is in the store when I got there for the food… Even when walking around the house, can meet five people and all avoided each other party (Laughs).

– When you have closed the theatres?

In mid – March. I just danced “Swan lake” and the very next day Covent garden began to slowly close. And away we go so fast that I just did not Wake up, as in Russia becameon very problematic to fly.

– What do you want? You had this desire?

– of Course I love to see my parents and sister. But I knew that if I, say, go to your parents, you will not be able to do, is not a good site. And here I am home alone and more discipline… That is, I Wake up in the morning and start studying. Nobody and nothing distracts me. And now, fortunately, I do have a Studio. Because one of my friend Elena Glurdjidze, she’s a former ballerina of the English national ballet, now gives lessons to young children and she has her own Studio. I asked her also to let me do there homework. And I have a month to go in the Studio and this, of course, very much helped me, because, despite the fact that I am very hard worked at home (and jumped, and stretched), still, when you come to the Studio, everything is much more complicated. We need to move twice, already widely spread my arms and make large steps, which did not allow me my London flat.

You probably had a hard time, like all ballet artists… Singers at least can sing at home, and you do the same for rehearsals require special conditions and Need a special space… linoleum… we Have, for example, at the Bolshoi theatre and the Stanislavsky theatre artists for homework handed out linoleum…

– We also sent all the linoleum… honestly, in principle, everything was fine… Maybe only in the middle of the pandemic, there were days when it was a little uncomfortable and sad at heart. The only pity, of course, that in their creative peak and peak when you’re strong, you have to sit at home… You can’t travel around the countries as before, or to dance at home in Covent garden. That’s a pity… In the peak of career you’re sitting at home on the couch and wait for…

pre-Christmas strike at the Paris Opera

– This season is somehow not very well formed. You got to it just before the pandemic was the canceled shows in Paris, where you were supposed to dance in the Grand Opera ballet in Nureyev’s “Raymonda”. And last week we learned that the Paris Opera was closed for repairs and the resignation of its CEO stéphane Lissner.

– For me it was the first such experience in life and in career, when the performance did not take place, because there was a strike. I had not even imagined such a thing that the show will be cancelled. Especially at the Paris Opera house… my December in Paris was scheduled three performances. It was just before Christmas and the New year. I had to make a leading soloist of the Paris Opera, Valentin Crossant. It was pretty hard for me, because in Covent garden I had a lot of work and at the same time I was rehearsing for the Paris Opera. That is, it turned out that I traveled a lot to Paris for rehearsals, and also they sent my partner and Irek Mukhamedova, as a teacher, to me here in London. And the Paris Opera is very because spent a lot of money because we had to pay for the trains “evrostar” there and here: in London and Paris. And when I came to the Opera a week before the speech, I said that we have strikes and we do not know whether now the performances or not. That is, no one knew that the artists would Wake up in the morning, came into work and only there learned, literally, at twelve o’clock, will play or not. And then all went home.

And you had to cancel the rehearsal?

No, I despite this, it is still intensively practiced every day. I canceled the first one play, then the second, the third, I already do have one. Even artists do not come to class, and my partner said of the play, most likely, there will be no need to come and rehearse… But Irek is still the fun one was rehearsing in the hall: did some jumps, stunts… And for me it was still very nice! As it was Christmas and I Irek writes: “we will see you then, and I feel sorry for you, you’re in a hotel, all alone and waiting for their performance.” So we had Christmas together and spent. And despite the fact that I haven’t been able to dance these three performances, I still gained a lot of new experience, because it is not always the opportunity to rehearse in the hall with Irek by ahmedovym!

– Now the Paris Opera is closed, will only open in 2021. You agreed to still dance to these “restartovanie” now the performances?

– Yes, the Director of the Paris Opera ballet aurélie DuPont, I was told that just, or 21, or 22, they will again Oraevsky “Raymonda”, and maybe I still get her to dance.

– And you in England do not even discussed how they will run to the theatre? We are now talking about a “staggered” Seating, but many criticize similar projects and call them unrealistic… Because in Korea I heard, resumed theater performances and there is no “staggered” Seating arrangement… Like, for example, observe the distance the ballerina and her partner, or the orchestra musicians in the orchestra pit?

– Yes, I absolutely agree with this, and also think about it… We were told that the management of Covent garden to work on this issue right now, during the holidays… Neither the audience, nor about the artists while they do and say, of course, could not … the Only thing he said that perhaps the first time in the repertoire will be some ballets, which employed fewer people, and where we have less contact with each other. There are some modern ballets, because the classic-all densely populated… Mentioned, in particular, some ballets McGregor… that Is all we know. That is, the film went on vacation, especially not knowing what will happen next…