“I focus totally on my Job and our goal is to stay in the League. What comes afterwards, comes afterwards,“ said the 41-year-old Peruvians on Tuesday morning, in an Online question and answer session, which was broadcast live on the website of the Bundesliga club. He did not know at the time also, “whether it’s my farewell game will be. The is in stand-by. It is very difficult at the Moment to plan things.“ The oldest scorer in the history of the Bundesliga wants to end his successful career to this at the moment-interrupted season. There are many indications that he will return after that as a brand Ambassador to his former Club FC Bayern München.

“I’ve heard from the people of the FC Bayern that you would like me to do something there. I also said that this is very interesting for me,“ said Pizarro on Tuesday. “At the moment my concentration is here at Werder. When the season is over, I’m going to think of me and make a decision.“

Rather unlikely that Pizarro will work in the same function for the Bremen. “If I get an offer from Werder, I’m going to think of me. But so far I have received no offer or Info from Werder,“ he said.