Preliminary results from the blood banks shows that there is a long way to the development of herd immunity against coronaviruses.

the Country’s blood donors must help the authorities to get an overview of how many danes who have been infected with corona, and developed immunity.

It happens, when the regional blood banks begin testing donated blood for antibodies after coronasmitte.

Blodbankerne in the Capital Region and central denmark Region is that they first started to test for antibodies this week.

Later follow the other regions.

In the copenhagen metropolitan area is blood made from 1000 donors in the period from 1. to 3. april been tested.

Here the results show that 27 of the blood donors have formed antibodies against the coronavirus.

In the central denmark Region is tested for antibodies among the 244 donors who have given blood between the 2. and 3. april. Here, there is not found any positive test.

therefore, There is a long way to achieve broad immunity against the disease in the population, called herd immunity.

Experts have estimated that it will require that approximately 60 percent of the population – equivalent to 3.6 million danes must have had the disease in order to develop herd immunity.

– A low herd immunity means that it is more likely that the infection can spread epidemically, and thus be more serious.

– Therefore the first number is taken very seriously, when until now we can see that flokimmuniteten among the first tested is as low as it is, says Henrik Ullum, senior physician and professor at the national university hospital, in a press release.

The preliminary and future results are regularly reported to the Statens Serum Institut.

In the Danish Regions is regionsformand Stephanie Lose (V) were satisfied with their blood banks can make a significant contribution to the monitoring of smitteudbredelsen.

– It is absolutely crucial for new knowledge in the field, as blodbankerne can deliver here, she says.

Approximately five per cent of the danes let out regularly and tabs for blood. It is equivalent to over 5000 donations per week.

Earlier in the week announced the company Falck that they are planning to test up to 5,000 employees for antibodies for coronaviruses.