That would seem to have in common in the title to already familiar characters and the virus, six months, terrorizing the population of the planet? Direct link did not seem evident? But this is only at first glance!

Immediately say: there is no conspiracy! Only logical conclusions based on widely available information.

on July 18 on various information portals in the Network there were headlines like “Biden said he had intelligence about the plans of Russia to intervene in the presidential elections”.

Well, the reader will say, it’s a broken record. I agree. But the record dusted from the dust, wiped with a soft cloth and put not on old gramophone, and a new player, assembled with the new requirements to its sound.

the Sound of this disc should not for the world, but only for American audiences. It just so happened that “americocentrism” dominated the minds and major politicians, and ordinary citizens of the USA. Everything that happens in the rest of the world for them Americans – just a distant background noise. Politicians use it in the struggle for political Olympus, and American voters in General almost do not notice it (if only the media did not put this “noise” for maximum volume).

the United States is in full swing preparing for presidential elections. In this context, it is easy to understand that Biden is so uncomplicated way ahead of time electoral mass “warning”: if trump wins again, then again this is the insidious machinations of Russia!

That is, the legitimacy of a potential victory of the current President in advance is not just doubt, and complete denial.

Those who are behind Biden, do not entertain the idea that trump is entitled to defeat for the second time. Under no circumstances! Even if you win!

Maybe they do it because trump is not quite adequate as a politician? No. Simply because too many of them already done this, that against all the rules even in a game without rules, as the fight for the White house.

trump, with all its unpredictability and, as would gently say, inconsistency in the international arena, on the field solve the internal problems before the start of the coronavirus epic has made impressive achievements: economic growth, a strong reduction in the unemployment rate.

This is a very powerful trump card that could lead him to a second presidential term. We had to do something!

And then the pandemic coronavirus came in very handy. To such a degree “by the way” that many are talking about the artificial origin COVID-19. They say, no accident that the worldwide spread of American biological laboratory, which spent a lot of money.

“Lucky” States and with the initial epidemic outbreak. China for this role, fits perfectly, following the American logic. Good, now China along the way to accuse before the world in the dissemination of nasty, life-threatening the entire human population.

the China card ready to play all involved in the race for a place in the oval office of the White house.

the Epidemic has dealt a powerful blow to the U.S. economy. Achievements trump not gone. Thus, knocked out of his hands large and important trump card in the election campaign. But it was not enough. To strengthen the result, it was necessary for the economic “arteffect” add and social upheaval.

trump is the personification of the policy of “America for Americans”. Only one of his wall on the border with Mexico that is! In his opinion, every resident of the United States must work to get money. It is difficult to accept many “illegal Latinos” from year to year, flowing from the South, the stable swirling flow and successfully conquer the country “gringo”. But even more the need to work is unacceptable to the legitimate and hereditary citizens of the United States of the “black blocks”. They are after all white should ever!

No, trump did not dare, of course, somehow infringe on their right from generation to generation to live in social housing on the Dole, the size of the Chinese or Vietnamese do not even dreamed of as payment for the hard work. To take this step courage is not enough, even the hypothetical super-trump.

But permanent discontent of their black marginalized underserved life always at the right time to use. And the reason for the revolt is easy to find. As an “innocent” victim of police “lawlessness”. In this police state like the USA, it is not hard to do.

So there is a new American national hero George Floyd! Several times he was in prison? It doesn’t matter. He was a drug addict? Not too important. He pointed to the belly of a pregnant white woman trunk and threatened to kill her along with the unborn a child? Come on, who does not happen. Even from the point of view of criminals is finished: passed all accomplices with the guts and got it for only 5 years is a long time! Can he be a hero? Maybe if you really need and no one at the moment with a decent biography.

so George Floyd, to a white heat angered the police with their riot at another detention, dying from suffocation. And begins the theater of the absurd!

I recall surreal scenes around the glorification of the Floyd, including pogroms, kneeling and beating the whites. It is important that the opponents of the trump can now say: “you see what he brought to the country!”.

now tell me that the coronavirus, Floyd and Biden with the American Democrats aren’t links in a chain. When something happens, the ancients advised to ask the question: “In whose interests it?”. And here the interests of the Democratic party ��SHA and its financial-speculative sponsors are seen as clearly as a pillar of black smoke against blue sky in clear Sunny day.