A new robotic system for work outside the ISS needs to go into space in 2024.

Fedor is a robot created for work on Board the International space station (ISS) will be used to test new technologies that are later used in the creation of new robotic systems. This was told by Executive Director of the NGO “Android technology” Eugene Dudorov.

“the Further use of robot Fedor is assumed as one of the technological layouts while working on the project "Teledroid". This is a project to create a robotic complex anthropomorphic type, which should work on the surface of the ISS, to perform a number of technological operations. That is, Fedor will be tested technology for a new robot,” – said Dudorov RIA Novosti.

Russian robot Fedor first went into orbit on 22 August 2019. On Board the orbital station it experienced in Autonomous mode and under control of the astronaut. The mission of the robot was completed on the seventh of September, after which he returned safely to Earth.

“Now the robot is rocket-space Corporation "Energy", but there is paperwork to transfer him to a property of the main scientific Institute "of Roscosmos TsNIIMash"” – said Dudorov.

Currently working on a new robot is on the stage of preliminary and technical design. Changer Fedor will be more perfect and will be able to work outside the ISS. Launch a robot into space is planned for 2024.