Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

Rihanna X Lil Nas and A$AP Rocky starred in advertising funds for the care of skin Skin Fenty, the characters in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons now you can make up by means of Givenchy, and in Japan invented a new Mochi Skin. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Rihanna X Lil Nas and A$AP Rocky starred in advertising funds for the care of skin Skin Fenty

last week, Rihanna announced the launch of a new line of skin care your brand Fenty Skin. The star promised that the funds would not only for girls but also for men. Today’s debut advertising campaign of the new products, which was attended by rappers Nas and Lil X A$AP Rocky.

it All starts with the basics, which is your skin, and we all know how I am obsessed with beautiful and healthy skin. So whether you want to use makeup or not to makeup, glowing skin is in any case important

she says.

the Joint of the shooting only fueled the romance rumors Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. About the close relations of artists began to write the Western media at the beginning of the year. According to insiders, the lovers came together at the charity party, and then rose in a single hotel room in new York.

Study: 66% of Russians believe that what was not customary to talk about female anatomy and women’s health

Recently, the brand Libresse conducted a study involving more than eight thousand respondents aged from 18 to 55 years, from different countries, including citizens of Russia. The experts decided to find out whether society is ready to open dialogue about the cycles of women’s health and physiological changes associated with them.

it Turned out that 43% of Russians feel uncomfortable to discuss the topic of women’s health, 12% are afraid to be judged, 19% admitted that they have no one to talk to about it. In our society it is not accepted to speak about the data of physiological processes, including why only half (48%) know how the female intimate anatomy.

overall, 28% of respondents share their feelings with someone less than once per month. Exchange of experiences is considered the norm, people often conceal psychological discomfort. 33% of respondents generally never discussed female intimate anatomy. Only 52% discussed with a partner, 37% of respondents also discussed the topic with friends and only 11% — with the doctors, which suggests that people are not willing to discuss this topic not only the closest, but even with experts. 38% of respondents with onset of menopause in yourself or a loved one felt that people would vos��take them as old, because I kept it a secret.

the Characters in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons now you can make up by means of Givenchy

Recently, in a computer game The Sims 4, there is a cosmetic beauty brand M. A. C, and now the Givenchy participate in the creation of characters for video games. Characters Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can make up with cosmetics brand. To choose one of multiple virtual images, inspired by two lines of makeup Givenchy: Prisme Libre and Le Rouge.

they are All available in different colors depending on the skin tone of the hero. For total-archery — stylish outfits with the logo of the brand, the way it is possible to provide transferable tattoos with the logo of the French house, as well as in the shape of hearts and kisses.

Mochi Skin is a new beauty trend from Japan

Elastic, soft and hydrated skin is exactly what many people expect from care. The same effect promises a new trend from Japan — Mochi Skin, named after the snacks are made of rice dough mochi with smooth and velvety texture.

Main — inner radiance and healthy skin. To achieve this effect, use care products for skin and the ingredients that promote cellular metabolism, as well as clarified and deeply moisturize,

— said Shinji Yamasaki, founder of Re: Erth.

He advises to pay attention to such a rare ingredient, such as white turmeric. It not only can prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, but also stimulate the activity of skin cells.