the BDT them. She had played a play based on Chekhov’s “the Cherry orchard” in one of the most popular online games of recent years. What in the beginning was conceived by the creators, as an educational bonus for gamers-Teens liked and loyal viewers Great drama. 15 minutes of pure action, cubic graph, relevant humor and hundreds to break into the theater players.

Since the beginning of the quarantine BDT them. BDT has created an online platform “Digital theatre”, which became a haven for bold experiment. How to tell the creators of the show, directed by Eduard Zakaryan and project architect Andrey Voronov, the idea arose spontaneously. Edward suggested that the group of friends of gamers-teenagers to build a replica of the theater building in the game. And appeared the virtual scene, why not play it virtual performances?

the Choice of the play is not accidental. Since the main audience of the network game – students 12-15 years old, the material it was necessary to take clear. Now pass on the lessons of literature and that can be easily visualized even by means of square graphics? Resolved, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov “the Cherry garden”.

“In this piece well shows the process of destruction of the old. In the process the idea was born: during a performance in the background of the old garden and the house should be destroyed and on their place appear new,” says Zakarian.

the play involves 5 characters. 4 of them are artist of the theatre, Victor Knyazev, Irina Petrakova, Brazov Maxim and Alexey Furmanov real-time voice Ranevskaya, Lopakhin, Gayev and the narrator, who tells the audience the main points of the plot. And the role of the servant firs is a zombie bot that silently and erratically moves around the stage.

to Get into the digital theatre in two ways – to go on a special game server or open a stream on the Internet. The first option is, unfortunately, only available to the first 90 registered players who have a licensed version of the game, and the second choice for all the others.

the Virtual “the Cherry orchard” begins with a stroll through the theater. From the first call to the viewer from the first person visits the famous building on the embankment of the Fontanka river, at a rapid pace, strolling through the spacious foyer, wardrobe, climbs the stairs and comes into the room, just like in a real theatre. After the third bell even sounds traditional please turn off the phone in the hall appear a little mate label (individual pictures with names. – I. N.) players and opens the curtain.

For those who are first time into the universe of the game, seems to be happening a sur.

– hi, – said Leonid Andreyevich Gayev.

– paint the Fence, to rally to the ball narrator continues to introduce the audience into the swing of things.

the Characters speak in the slang of the play by Anton PAvelovich accelerated ten times, and the graphics have gaming hit contrary to possible expectations it is not the best. But if to reject prejudices, it is possible to get pleasure from even such a piece.

Andrey Voronov had to play three days to understand the mechanics of the game. But in the end, every second there was something going on: beat the glass of the old manor house, cut down the cherry orchard and erected new buildings.

Initially, the Director was afraid the audience will not perceive the performance. According to him, the main idea of the play is to convey to the students playing the game, the contents and washed the pieces in a language they understand. “Many of the school itself is, unfortunately, a negative Association. It is therefore important that a gaming platform for the students performed the educational function,” says the Director.

And it worked. At the end of the performance hundreds of players opened the game server and broke into the hall, where virtual actors with square heads were bent in a bow. But after the broadcast, Victor Knyazev, whose voice spoke for the narrator admitted that the young audience wanted to continue. “I began to write, I voiced some more stories. Guys interested. So, at least part of what we planned, we made it”.

In a live broadcast watched by 300 people, and the entry Vkontakte – more than 200 thousand. Of course, not without its negative reviews: “this is a mockery of the classics”, “Chekov turned in his grave”, “why children learn bad.” But the creators are not going to stop. The authors have already adopted and wrote scripts for a series of performances of works from the curriculum in the popular multiplayer game. What is not reported.