Is this what an “angry, deranged bitch from hell” looks like? That’s what TV fans think Elena Miras is – if you believe Malkiel Rouven Dietrich. In fact, Elena’s victory in “Battle of the Reality Stars” is not really granted. According to the motto “You have to be able to treat yourself – especially yourself” she then held herself harmless in episode eight of the trash fireworks on RTLZWEI. Revenge makes rich!

And that’s how it happened: On the “Wall of Truth” the candidates were asked to assess who the RTLZWEI audience would like most and least to win (and thus a prize of 50,000 euros). Another question for: Who is more loved by the audience, who is hated? Elena thought she was at the back: “No one begrudges me!”

Usually there is bickering about who is the best, the most popular or the most beautiful. However, the “reality stars” fought over who was the worst. Because Iris Klein, mother of Daniela Katzenberger, said she was the least popular. “I get insulted and humiliated because people think I get my daughter’s millions in a wheelbarrow.”

Iris gave good arguments (“There are even hate groups against me on Facebook”), but in the end Elena was the least popular. She had guessed it, as well as first place: That was not taken by Schäfer Heinrich, but by Martin Wernicke. Elena’s argument: “It’s at ‘Berlin Day

The last one received a reward: Elena Miras could choose how many “Letters from Home” she distributed to her fellow campaigners. The less, the more benefit for her. She shredded five letters and collected 3,000 euros for it. “I’m granted it, with all my heart,” she said to herself. “I’m not an angel. Then I’m just the devil and the devil likes money.”

In the end, Elena only handed over home messages for “the people of the first hour” (Schäfer Heinrich, Ronald Schill, Yasin Mohamend) and her bosom friends Sissi Hofbauer and Yeliz Koc. Everyone else got nothing and moaned a bit. Elena only confessed to Yasin and Sissi about the 3,000 euros. Their tenor: “Did it right!”

Fortunately, there was no shredder in the way of another burgeoning romance: Paco and Yeliz turtled undisturbed in the Thai-Ny house. “There’s something there,” admitted Yeliz. “He just looks amazing, I just think he’s great.” It was mutual, and after dinner there was finally an official kiss goodnight. “Right with tongue,” as Elena had observed keenly.

The togetherness was then clouded by a spicy faux pas: in the game, one (according to the RTLZWEI-Off spokesman Robert Steudtner) “Homage to the stone age of television”, a parody of “Wetten, dass ..?”, the stars had to compete for five bets. In two bets, Paco should identify his roommates in Sala by touch. Iris was the first to kneel down in front of him, who happened to grab Paco’s bosom (and immediately flinched). Nevertheless, he said: “Yeliz?” Iris floated away blissfully, Yeliz looked sparingly. Paco was confused and blew the bet.

Later there was another game for safety, the last hope of everyone who was afraid of being eliminated before the “moment of truth”. In the “Läster Lounge” it was necessary to assign quotes that had been said over the past few weeks. It wasn’t about the originator of the nasty words, but about who was meant. Whoever guessed the most names was safe.

Ronald Schill called the gossip a “source of arguments and discord”. Shepherd Heinrich recognized “that gossip can hurt.” It “gets on his soul” that everyone thinks he has no opinion of his own and that Ronald Schill gives him a personality attested that “fits effortlessly under an ashtray”. He had to cry a bit. Sissi Hofbauer, on the other hand, was jubilant: she won.

At the selection ceremony, she was the only one who could relax and wait. Everyone else lost their pen, because for the first time the islanders each had to give out two coins, because two had to go. One was set: Martin Wernicke, who had made himself unpopular with persistently bad mood, received a coin from each. And was relieved: “I’m happy that you have redeemed me. My battery is empty.”

Larissa Neumann received the second most coins. She left without resentment but with tears in her eyes. “Why am I crying?” she quarreled with herself. It wasn’t kicked: “I’m not mad at anyone, that’s the game. I’m glad I was allowed to be there.” Martin (“I did it!”) was also happy, but there could be an aftermath for someone else: Cathy Hummels should retrain as an investigative journalist. She elicited Elena at the “Moment of Truth” – how fitting! – tough as hell the 3,000 euro confession. Elena told everyone she shredded her letters from loved ones back home so she could collect €3,000 – and laughing. It’s quite possible that this will blow up in your face in the near future.

After the drama about Jan in the last episode, “Battle of the Reality Stars” is now largely leisurely. The selection of a candidate is logical. But at the very end there is a big surprise.

Newcomer Malkiel Rouven Dietrich received a direct penalty on “Battle of the Reality Stars” – and it had something to do with the moderator Cathy Hummels.

On May 18, Iris Klein will be added to “Battle of the Reality Stars” after surviving the corona infection. “Of course I noticed that one or the other whispered,” she says about her late arrival and reveals in an interview why the show was harder than the jungle.

The original of this post “Elena Miras shreds home letters from her fellow campaigners – for an extra fee” comes from Teleschau.