Spanish football club “Barcelona” could lose up to €140 million due to restrictions imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus. This statement was made Vice-President of Catalonia Jordi Cardoner. He also noted that the club has significant debts, almost €0.5 billion. But, I’m sure Mr. Cardoner, the debt burden is not excessive and Barcelona have to cope, due to the accumulated reserves and new sources of income. For example, such as selling the rights to name the stadium Camp Nou.Vice-President of the Spanish football club “Barcelona” Jordi Cardoner has estimated the losses of the team from the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus. In an interview with ESPN, Mr. Carduner noted that “Barcelona” will lose about €50 million from the sale of match tickets and club Museum, €39 million will be the loss of television contracts and more from €20 million to €25 million from the closure of the branded stores, and termination of other commercial activity. Taking into account the loss of smaller sources of income can be from €120 million to €140 million “This is what we know for sure at the moment. It is already clear that this year’s “Barcelona” has finished with a loss,” said Jordi Cardoner.Vice-President of “Barcelona” also told about the debts of the club. They are, in his words, amount to €460-470 million However, Jordi Cardoner does not consider its debt burden unsustainable. He recalled that over the last ten years it has grown slightly, only to €60-70 million At the same time, Barcelona have managed to significantly grow revenues. At the end of season-2018/19 they amounted to €990 million, and already this season the Catalans had planned to take the mark of €1 billion, don’t obey none of the sports club. But now the plans have to be adjusted. Will not help here and widely reported in the media reduction of salaries of players. So it was announced that the players agreed to cut their contracts from 72%. But do not forget that the reduction is valid only for the duration of downtime due to coronavirus. In the end, the real loss of players year to year will be only from 8% to 11%.With regard to sources, due to which “Barcelona” intends to cover the losses, they by and large only two. So, due to the fact that since the beginning of the decade the club was profitable (net profit does not exceed €20 million per year), he managed to accumulate a reserve of €190 million, in addition Barcelona hopes for a speedy conclusion of a contract for the sale, for the first time in its history, the naming rights of the Nou Camp stadium. The Catalans are keen to conclude a deal for 25 years and get a total of around €300 million. simply put, he believes that all the more popular will be the exchange of players, but not their purchase.Arnold Boar