Banks reported fraud with passes in Moscow

according to RBC, has identified a new method of fraud banks – VTB, Sberbank and ROSBANK. It is established that the first social workers call the Bank’s customer and offer to help with the design of digital badges. Very often they call the elderly.

the True purpose of the Scam is to obtain personal data of the interviewee for further criminal use. Clients of VTB have already complained to the contact centre of the Bank on such calls. The Bank said that they were able to prevent the leakage of personal data, and give information to law enforcement agencies.

In the savings Bank were also found attempts at such fraud. Director of information security Department at ROSBANK Mikhail Ivanov announced, said that against the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 there are many new methods of fraud. For example, there are sites where supposedly you can check whether the fine for violation of quarantine and the permission to move around the city.

Company Group-IB has earlier told about the appearance of resources for selling fake passes, and also revealed fraudulent e-mails about the penalties for violating the quarantine.