Some banks are not waiting for the decision of the government on amendments to the program announced the acceptance of applications for preferential mortgage with a reduced fee. Meanwhile, the government decision has still not been signed. And since the proposals of the banks do not fully comply with the approved program, to subsidize low rates from budget, they technically can not claim. The banks hope that the authorities “retroactively” still will give them the opportunity to receive compensation.

“We expect that the changes in the concessional lending program will apply to previously issued credits”, – says head of the centre for development of mortgage products Promsvyazbank Marina Zabotina. Now the minimum down payment on mortgages for the purchase or construction of housing in the Bank is 15% and the Bank is considering lowering the down payment to 10%. The press service of ROSBANK announced that the minimum downpayment in the Bank from 5% (if the purchase is made within the means of matkapital) to 15%. But according to state programs family, the far Eastern mortgage and mortgages for new buildings under the state program, the minimum payment – from 20% in accordance with their official terms.

In VTB the first installment under the program “mortgage with state support 2020” from June 10 to 15%. “We have decided to reduce the size of the down payment prior to the resolution to ensure maximum availability of this program for the population”, – said the press service of the Bank. Now the Bank does not receive a subsidy on loans with reduced initial payment, waiting for changes in the terms of the programme. “Mortgage borrowers is not affected: the loan is granted on terms that are fixed in the contract,” said the Bank.

the Intention is to give “retroactive effect” rule of the low initial payment confirms the Ministry of Finance. In early June, the Ministry submitted to the government a draft decree providing including reduction of up to 15% minimum downpayment when providing housing loans to citizens in 2020 at a rate of up to 6.5% per annum. Also, the draft document envisages improvement of interaction between borrowers, creditors and HOME.Of the Russian Federation and the simplification of procedures for obtaining soft loan.

“the Draft resolution proposes to propagate the changes to the loans granted from April 17, 2020”, – emphasizes a press-service of the Ministry of Finance. That is, the subsidy rate will be legal for loans with a low down payment from the moment it was announced about the terms of the mortgage with state support.