the International children’s day, which is celebrated annually on 1 June, the portal “Learn Moscow” together with Mosgortrans has prepared a new online quest.

the Game “Come from childhood” dedicated to the early years of life well-known figures of science and culture — writers, poets, composers, scientists and astronauts who lived in Moscow.

the Online quiz consists of 10 questions. Participants will have to guess who it is depicted in children’s photography. In the comments to the answers they will be able to read interesting stories from the childhood of famous people and learn how they showed their talents and inclinations at an early age.

Participants will be able to see your score and share it on social networks.

“This is just one of many projects that the Moscow museums offer children, but we have tried to reflect the key trends in the development of museums. On the one hand, to turn the heritage into an exciting game, with another — to show how they were often known only through textbooks and in a new way, to make their images more human and closer to our contemporaries,” — said the head of Department of Museum-tourist development Mosgorduma Ivan Grinko.

Online quest starts with the question of the three-year child, who, according to his grandmother, could sit for hours at the piano and strum casually heard melodies. In the future he will become a famous composer, for the first time in the history of world culture connects in his works, color, light and music.

the Second story from my childhood will tell you about the boy who is destined to become one of the outstanding poets of the twentieth century. His early years were spent in Georgia. As a child he loved to read Krylov, Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov. Learning suitable passages by heart, he climbed into the empty Ciurea are also presented — large clay jugs for wine, and read out poetry.

the participants of the game will see a family picture of the future of the Soviet cosmonaut. It turns out that in his childhood he dreamed of becoming an artist, but the arrival of the pilot in Siberia, where the boy lived, changed his life plans.

During the passage of the online quest will see the two young sisters, one of which will go down in history as the Silver age poet, novelist and translator. Despite the fact that girls were different, they were very fond of each other and were friends. In addition, they liked the same toys. What you will find out after the quest.

In the last photo the participants of the online quiz will learn child, whose childhood a normal one. Most of it he spent in the Museum, and his toys were stuffed animals and animal skeletons. By the way, the boy’s father in 16 years received a small silver medal of the Russian society of acclimatization of plants and animals for the collection of stuffed birds of their own work. And the mother was a world-famous animal psychology.

the international children’s day is celebrated annually on 1 June. It was established in November 1949 in Paris by the decision of the Congress of the International democratic Federation of women. For the first time the holiday was celebrated a year later in 1950.

In Moscow traditionally on this day, there are activities for children and parents. For example, the Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill has prepared a special program on June 1. Network users I suggest to remember how invaluable has provided children and teenagers during the great Patriotic war.

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Staying at home, users can take a virtual walk on the roofs of famous historical buildings or explore the interior of old houses, manors, hotels and palaces. For fans of quizzes on the portal “Learn Moscow” collected 61 educational quest. Among them, the online quest for places in the capital, where the shooting took place the famous Soviet comedies. Answering 10 questions a virtual game, users will learn where she studied the heroine of the film “Come tomorrow” Frosya Burlakova and what street admired Ivan the terrible from the balcony of flats in one of the scenes of the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession.”

Recently, the portal “Learn Moscow” joined the cognitive cycles of excursions and activities project #Mosqueteros. Now users can take fun online quests, developed on the basis of the city’s urban project.