Released a new series of our favorite series “Priests of on “Mercedes”. The hegumeness Feofania, the abbess of the Pokrovsky convent in Moscow, where the relics of St. Matrona of Moscow, awarded Putin in 2018 with the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degrees, has acquired Mercedes-Benz S-class in nearly 10 million rubles. Fascinating story takes the audience had that day. Lacking only the “voice” of the Russian Orthodox Church. The news is that it probably will not.

she headed the monastery for 25 years. And the last 5 years also directs the ROC hotels: five-star Pokrovskaya, built on the programme of hostels for pilgrims, and four-star “Danilovskaya” next to the farmstead of the Patriarch. “Mercedes” she’s not cheating. But with zero years to tenths went to the “budget” models, and then moved on to Executive class. Changed during this time, at least four cars.

Why not? It is necessary to comply with the program “Solid Lord for respectable gentlemen.” The pilgrims, who can give a minimum of 6 thousand rubles per day for a single room in the “intercession”, they are obviously respectable gentlemen. Moreover, in an additional service to the guests — the passage to the relics of Matrona of Moscow the queue.

and besides, according to the head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Legoida (in an interview with “RG”), “the Patriarch said time and again that the level of life of a priest must conform to the standard of living of the average parishioner in the Church. Because the priest is fed from the temple, from the altar.”

it Seems logical. Rich ward rich pop.

Only here will you walk from “Taganskaya” to the monastery by dirty hristoradnov, you will stand half an hour in the queue to the relics of Matrona together with a desperate, and somewhere, a: “By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather from thorns grapes, or figs of thistles?” Is Christ talked about the hypocrites.

In the same interview, Legoyda said, “Let’s be realistic: 12 people three years walked with God. Not with the Patriarch, not with the Holy — with God! He raised the dead, healed the sick, walked on water in front of them, but one of the 12 betrayed him for 30 coins. Why do we believe we can create a holier Church that was founded by Christ? That’s impossible.” And added that people are arguing with the Church, do not argue with her, but his idea about it.

But where does it show? Yes all from the same place. In my ears are the words of the Supreme authority about humility, acquisitiveness, the parable about the camel and the eye of a needle… And in the eyes of the people — “Mercedes” superior, shamefully worn with the wrist of the Patriarch watch for a million, from which the photo is only a reflection in the varnished table left, Archpriest of the Tver region Vyacheslav Baskakov in the “Louis Vuitton”

And the most important �� the lack of “voice” from the ROC. Zero response.

Here’s the story with the “Mercedes” for example. The representative of the Synodal Department for relations with society and mass media Alexander Khrekov said: “We do not comment on this topic. I can’t help you, sorry”. The Chairman of the Synodal Department Vakhtang Kipshidze: “the Review will not. We declined to comment”. Absolutely snobbish attitude — not your supposedly dealing. But then how can there be normal to the ROC?

deacon Kuraev on this occasion, said bitterly: “ECA lazy Legoyda. They also pay money, the official car of the same class provide for the distribution of the review”.

Is it so scary to define the position of the Church? Whatever it was, but it’s a hundred times better haughty silence. And why be afraid, if the house is built on a rock?

all the same, Or very ashamed?

Abbot Sergius, seized Sredneuralskaya convent, requires Putin to resign, and banned the Russian Orthodox Church in Ministry, recently showed his property — a coffin. Maybe he was crazy. But he didn’t.