the installation media that support the Democratic party — talk about a good chance for Biden in the election. The recent “polls” democratic (supporting the democratic party USA) media prefer Biden as much as 10-13%.

And despite the fact that today there are serious, objective experts prefer the Trump (91%), and brokers take bets on elections for 10:1 in favor of trump.

Every time another hater trump offered to make a monetary bet on Biden, he is a lot of things that he should do right now — not to dispute.

the Next US President will be Donald trump. And the Democratic party not only did not win the Senate but will likely lose and the lower house of Congress.

What happened in the United States that the situation for the first time in many decades has become so clear?

Five years ago, I volunteered in the headquarters of Bernie Sanders during his competition with Hillary Clinton for the position of the candidate on elections of the President, who called himself a supporter of socialism (not a socialist and not a Marxist as it is now) and said the following: “a Little socialism to the United States will not hurt.”

earlier this year, Democratic party candidates for the election for President were put forward already a few open socialists. And in their debates, the voters were promised free health care for all, free education for all, a guaranteed minimum income (3000-5000) for all.

due To the fact that the democratic party believes black and Hispanic population of America as its constituency, for the first time a proposal was made to “compensation to the black population of the USA for centuries of enslavement” and over the centuries the “white superiority”. Then there are those who never was a slave owner, will compensate the money to those who have never been a slave, centuries of injustice. Different options were offered compensation, something like $ 3,000 each month. The total amount looked like 14-18 trillion dollars.

This is about 1/3 of a million to each black citizen of the United States. Despite the fact that today a large part of the black working population of the USA lives at the expense of government programs, actually offered all of the black population translate into the program. What if this happens in “public life”, showed the recent riots.

the question naturally Arises, what happened to the democratic party, where did this endless populism and irresponsibility?

the Phenomenon that has faced the elite of the Democratic party, well known and in Russia. Long before the elections of 2016, for the first time in the United States, was launched a powerful propaganda campaign in support of the democratic party. Two days before the election a solid victory at the “polls” predicted Hillary Clinton, not “red tothe lawn”. Called numbers advantage Clinton 8%, 6%, 4% in CNN, Financial Times, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and others.

Supporters of the Democratic party and its leaders have become hostages of their own propaganda, caught on her hook. Believed themselves to his lies.

the Result was a shock. Then there were some conspiracy theories.

“the Russians helped the Tramp”. Supporters of Hillary Clinton, who shared with Lavrov a “Reset” button (“Overload”), suddenly accused trump in cooperation with the Kremlin.

the Commission Muller was looking for traces of Russian where they were not. And where they were, the search is not ordered.

And then there was the senseless and merciless impeachment that accused trump that he had asked the President Zelensky “to do him a favor” and investigate corruption offences Biden in Ukraine.

I personally especially like the trump accusations of corruption when he caught Biden on the bribe, and the charges of trump in the propaganda campaign in the United States, voted for him in 2016. These are serious accusations, it is written several books, articles, removed the transmission, held a television debate.

But in the United States is very professional voter. It seems that the propaganda here leads to the opposite result.

the Democratic elite has lost an election in 2016 because discredited. And then began the campaign of the democratic party, in which despair was more than common sense.

Four dirty campaign against the Democrats and the Republicans and trump, desperate socialism and populism “salvation” of the Democrats, political correctness, understood as the obligation to repeat all the propaganda nonsense passed CNN, intolerance of Democrats and their supporters to anyone other than their opinion — is not transparent to the citizens of the United States. The question of who will be the next President of the United States, was clearly resolved before the quarantine.

Skills do not wage war where its conduct is not necessary, was completely devoid of Democrats. At the beginning of the quarantine has made a reasonable call on the part of Democrats to stop politicking and fighting, stop to divide society, to begin to fight the epidemic together.

But the struggle did not stop for a second. It is clear whom the Democrats have accused the split of society trump. I asked one of the leading journalists, supporters of the Democrats:

— What, in your opinion, should make the trump, to cease to divide society in the United States?

— Very simple. He has to resign.

When the country began the speech with a demand to stop the quarantine to begin to get back to work, trump urged the country to begin to “run the economy”.

What was the reaction of the governors and mayors, elected from the Democratic party?

the Governor California’s Gavin Newsom said bluntly: “trump is no authority for us, when we do decide, then we begin to run the economy.”

trump said that the launch of economy must be taken by the States governors. It is their responsibility.

And the protests spread. Some areas in California began to make decisions about opening businesses, starting up the economy.

there was an immediate reaction of the Governor. In these areas directed research groups, the new tests COVID-19.

— What is open economy? You have the second wave of the virus began.

— So it’s not like second wave, and the test results old infection.

doesn’t matter. You have no right to open up the economy.

And the tension grew. Compensation package 2.2 trillion dollars was clearly inadequate.

the Americans, accustomed themselves to earn and to decide for themselves what to do with money, not happy handouts “poverty”, demanded the opening of businesses.

the Teenagers, who had been busy in schools and institutions, and whose parents worked, was without a job and without money on the street. Distance learning was ineffective, no one controlled the “distancinio”.

there is No “murder of an African American George Floyd hands of white police officers” were not. It was the apprehension of the serial offender, who then died in part from a heart attack due to drug overdose.

But there was a spark in the Democrats Wednesday. Followed by an explosion, which has happened many times before.

But this time was one feature — the Democrats governors and mayors, the elite of the Democratic party, supporters supported the protesters.

start collecting money on lawyers and bail for burglars shops;

a loud public accusations of the whole police brutality;

requirements and actions for the dissolution of the police and the cessation of funding;

requirements and actions on disarmament of the police;

financial assistance to public organizations of African Americans who supported the protests and looting, and hundreds of millions;

mass “down on knee” to the protesters.

In my opinion, the Democratic party has done everything on his own discredit. Already massively spread rollers themselves African Americans in support of trump and calls to stop this madness of the Democrats.

Victory trump 4 Nov not just guaranteed. It will be devastating.

Democratic party frightened by his actions of inhabitants of the USA to hiccups. And as the legislative initiative of the Democrats in Congress for the payment of the black population of compensation for the centuries of slavery put a final end to the prospects of the Democratic party in congressional elections. The American voter is well aware that the compensation that plan the Democrats could��t only be paid from his personal pocket.

meanwhile, the objective assessment of the actions of trump allows the Republican party to look to the future with optimism.

Despite the resistance of the Democrats, the US economy starts successfully.

Made to quarantine the minimum level of unemployment is reached again.

the Process of returning production to the United States continued.

Tariff negotiations with China were more than successful.

the trump, the US has become an exporter of energy.

there is No split with the EU and NATO not have happened as frightened. All the way around.

and many other small And big wins trump. No, the American voter is not stupid. He likes a President.

Moscow And left-wing liberals manage to get grants in the Kremlin, and Soros, and the Democrats who hate trump, supporting Marxists and socialists in the United States, foretelling the victory of the thief Biden, worthy only of pity. What will they do after winning a trump, after the departure of Democrats from Congress, after the termination of funding, numerous democratic foundations, it is difficult to imagine. Maybe — again with the superintendent.