Australian organizations and companies have become large-scale cyber attacks. The Australian Prime Minister said Friday that the scale and sophistication of the intervention indicate that the cyber attack are not individual criminals, and the foreign state, but not expressed particular suspicion.

Experts on cyber security has long been credited with a variety of a cyber attack against Australia to China.

press-conference on Friday, the Prime Minister said that the attack affected all levels of government, vital services and private companies, but significant leakage of personal data of Australians have not happened yet.

Hostile activity lasts for several months and its scale is increasing, said Morrison.

This statement he, in his words, sought to encourage citizens to increase their vigilance, and companies, especially life support, strengthen data protection.

the Agency responsible for cybersecurity, prevent many hacker attacks, but security — “a daily business that requires perseverance and consistency,” he said. This applies particularly to health, energy and transport companies.

Morrison added that such malicious activity is observed around the world, and Australia is in this sense not an exception.

“there are not a lot of States technically capable of such actions,” said Morrison.

In response to the question, who, specifically, he suspects, the Prime Minister said that he would like to refrain from making public accusations.

Only a few countries, namely China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, have the necessary capabilities and this are not allies of Australia. However, as noticed by experts, can sometimes be cyber-espionage among allies.

“In the case of Australia first and foremost come to mind are Russia and China,” said bi-Bi-si expert Joshua Kennedy-white.

the Official Canberra has neither confirmed nor denied this information.

Shaimaa Khalil, correspondent bi-Bi-si Australia

press-conference Morrison’s much left unsaid.

for Example, it is unclear why he made it now, even though he said cyberattacks have been going on for some time.

In recent years, relations between the two countries gradually deteriorated. Relations particularly intensified after Australia acceded to the U.S. demands to conduct an international investigation into the origin, coronavirus, first detected in China in late last year.

Following this, China imposed duties imports of Australian barley stopped buying beef and not recommended to their tourists and students to travel to Australia offor alleged racism.

Australia has also toughened the rhetoric. Last week Scott Morrison announced that will not succumb to pressure from Beijing.

there is No absolute certainty that the current cyber attacks is China. But the leadership of Australia coincided with the statement by the time of the most significant in the modern history of cooling relations with Beijing.

This is the fifth in the last five years, a significant cyber attack on Australia.

the Victims of today’s attack, according to Scott Morrison, were “governmental, industrial and political structures, institutions of education and healthcare, providers of vital services and operators of critical infrastructure”. One of them was called the steel company BlueScope, logistics firm Toll Group and the Agency of public services of the province of New South Wales.