a Little later he disclosed the secret of this “magic”.

User TikTok from Germany named Kevin often shows subscribers a variety of tricks and experiments that can be done at home without the any equipment, or special tools.

In mid-June, he posted on his page, another “magic” video. In the video Kevin showed two painted strips of different lengths, and then use the third strip of paper showed that, in fact, they are the same. The video was puzzled subscribers, who were reluctant to believe the blogger, but because he had to record another video with explanations, writes LADBible.

Kevin said that what is happening in the first video is just an optical illusion, which is called “illusion Astrova” or “Wundt illusion”.

In fact, two painted strips really are the same size, and they seem to be different due align left sides and beveled cut. But if both strips to place exactly under each other, visually they will look the same.

Catherine Gura

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