At the wedding of Russian rapper Morgenstern and his beloved Dilara Zinatullina, a police dog found more than 70 pills of unknown origin in the bedside table. This is reported by the Telegram channel Life Shot.

It is noted that initially the substances were not hidden. On the deck of the ship on which the event was taking place, there was a man in the image of a Catholic priest who offered the guests to go through a certain “ritual” — to try a candy from a cut book. After the tasting, he wished the party visitors a “pleasant flight”. The police seized the pills and sent them for examination. According to Life Shot, it was an ordinary chewable dragee.

Earlier it was reported that people in the form of riot police came to Morgenstern’s wedding. The video footage showed how people in clothes similar to the uniform of riot police appeared in the solemn hall, and with “machine guns” in their hands. Life Shot noted that law enforcement officers actually came to the event because of numerous complaints from local residents about noise at night. An explanation was taken from the organizer of the party, and materials about the violation of silence were sent to Rospotrebnadzor.