Shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” has started construction of a head nuclear-powered icebreaker of the project Leader. In the block body production of the shipyard took place the first cutting of body parts for the future of the vessel. Flagship icebreaker named “Russia”. About it “” reported in a press-service of Rosneft.

the Ship will be the most powerful icebreaker in the history of world shipbuilding. This complex from a technical point of view, the project has no analogues in the world, said the press service of the company. Its key task is to provide year-round posting of the commercial fleet along the Northern sea route. The project Leader will be the basis of the Russian icebreaker fleet of the new generation.

the length of the new icebreaker will be 210 meters, width 47 meters, maximum draught 13 meters. Icebreaker “Russia” will be equipped with two nuclear reactors RHYTHM-400, with four turbines and four propeller motors. The total capacity of the power plant of the icebreaker will be 120 megawatts, which will enable the ship to overcome the ice thickness of more than 4 meters at a speed of 2 knots. When ice thickness of 2 meters the speed of the icebreaker will be up to 12 knots.

the Icebreaker will be able to plot a channel width of about fifty meters, which will enable cost-effective year-round navigation of large-tonnage cargo ships of 50 thousand tons and tankers of class Arc7 hull width 50 metres along the Northern sea route. Before the commissioning of the icebreaker “Leader” the wiring of cargo ships along the NSR will provide, including nuclear-powered icebreakers with a maximum capacity of 60 megawatts.

the contract for the construction of the icebreaker was signed between SSK and the “Star” and the company “Atomflot” 23 APR 2020. The state customer of the icebreaker is the state Corporation “Rosatom”. Shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” is selected the sole executor of this contract in accordance with the decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Completion of construction of the icebreaker is scheduled for 2027.

the Development of working design documentation in the zero stage of construction conducts CDB “iceberg”. A contract was signed with SSK in 2019.

Shipbuilding complex “Star” is created by a Consortium led by Rosneft on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Today the order portfolio of the shipyard stands at 39 vessels, with respect to stock options is 59 vessels. Pilot download complex provided by the company “Rosneft” placed at the shipyard an order for 28 ships. The product line of “Stars” will include ships of up to 350 thousand tons, elements of offshore platforms and icebreakers, commercial ships for the transport of goods, special court and other types of marine equipment of any complexity characteristics and purposes, including equipment, which earlier in Russia were not issued in connection with the lack of necessary release and waterworks.