Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern Munich. The striker has now announced this publicly for the first time. At a press conference of the Polish national team, he underlines his intention to change. Bayern boss Oliver Kahn reacts with incomprehension.

“My time at Bayern is over. I can’t imagine any further good cooperation. Bayern is a serious club and I hope they won’t keep me just because they can,” Lewandowski said on PK. The farewell of the striker from FC Bayern is getting closer and closer.

“A transfer is the best solution for all sides,” the 33-year-old now clearly demanded for the first time. “I hope they don’t stop me.”

Lewandowski had already provoked a farewell this summer – but mostly subtly. Most recently, in an interview with Eleven Sports PL, he enthused: “Spain is great! We have a house in Mallorca. The feeling for Spain is there and I think it’s a really good place – not just for vacationing there.”

In an interview with Sport1, Bayern boss Oliver Kahn now reacts to the new Lewandowski statements: “I can’t tell you why Robert chose this path. Public statements like that don’t get you anywhere. Robert became world footballer here twice in a row – I think he should know what he has at Bayern.” Kahn also emphasized that “appreciation is not a one-way street”.

FC Barcelona is considered Lewandowski’s dream destination, and the Pole made no secret of that. “It’s hard to say if I’ll still be playing for Bayern next season. A move to Barça? It depends on several factors. I think my situation is clear and there’s no point in talking about it,” said Lewandowski in advance.

The striker is under contract in Munich until 2023. CEO Oliver Kahn has repeatedly insisted that the Pole has to fulfill this. “Basta,” said Kahn.

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