The corona of a crisis ensures that sports-related topics is back in the formula 1 currently strong in the Background. The controversy around the Ferrari engine of the year-on-year, among others. And also in the midfield there is a hot topic, given the current Situation, is pretty cool. The speech is from the new Racing Point RP20 – the “pink Mercedes”.

The Team has never made a secret of the fact that the new car has been heavily inspired from the Mercedes W10 of the previous year. Anything else would believe the team with the obvious Similarities anyway no one. However, while the emphasis in Racing is the Point, that you have not received the official support from the Mercedes factory team, not the opponents so sure.

Renault team boss smugly: “Racing Point of great photographers,”

“you have a great photographer, that’s for sure,” says Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul in an interview with ‘Canal+’. Background: Racing Point claims to have only your own photographs of the W10 as the basis for the RP20 had. That would be allowed by the regulations. Illegal a development, when internal information of the other Teams – in the case of Mercedes – have been used would be against it.

“The main question is: Is it possible only on the basis of public information as an accurate and to make efficient Job?”, want to know Abiteboul, therefore. Because it is precisely here that the boundary between legality and illegality runs. To not want to be “this time, I have to say, but it is still something that we are surprised,” said Abiteboul.

Renault could protest to make up for a Protest at the first Start-up 2020

Allegedly wanted to Renault in Melbourne, even against the Racing Point. It was not the end, because the race never took place. From the table the theme is this but not. As soon as the season starts in 2020, when and where that will be, could Renault do this Protest. Abiteboul annoys also the fact that Racing Point for the procedure not even ashamed.

“am I in formula 1, it is the first Time that someone is proud to have some copies,” he is dismissive and criticized: “It’s like an art forger would be super proud of his work.” After the winter tests in Barcelona Racing Point was with the “B-Mercedes” as a favorite on the unofficial title of “Best of the Rest” behind the three top teams Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

Some have suggested that Racing Point could challenge with the RP20 even Ferrari. Whether this is really so, this can currently answer to no one, because of the season 2020, no race was run. Racing Point to the rest of the midfield at the start of the season but actually driving away, it would fuel the discussion for sure significantly.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann, “is it the spit”: the infectiology Lodge of the pale about Spahn-statement, FOCUS Online/Wochit “way Remains for me the spit”: the infectiology Lodge of the pale about Spahn-statement

*The post “Renault-boss attack Racing Point: “As an art forger would be proud of his work,”” published by Contact with the executives here.

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