In medical institutions of Moscow appeared the service “Celsus” helping doctors-radiologists to analyze mammograms. The obtained results doctors see in “RICE.SYSTEM,” along with original research. The service is implemented in the framework of the city.

artificial intelligence Technologies already being applied in the analysis of computer tomography, including a low-dose, x-rays and fluoroscopy.

the Service “Aim” works on the basis of neural networks and analyzes medical images, identifying in them the slightest suspicious changes in the structure of breast tissue.

the Results of breast cancer screening are double — control studies should be interpreted by two doctors. Usually this involves experts who are well versed in the pathological changes of the breast. Artificial intelligence helps professionals to notice and appreciate the most minor of changes, microcalcifications, areas of the restructuring of tissue asymmetry. Suspicious findings allocate a separate color to the radiologist could pay attention to them and make conclusions. The procedure of recognition of studies lasts no more than ten minutes.

Experts suggest that in the future artificial intelligence will be able to form a small sentence.

today, the services of artificial intelligence connected to 48 hospitals and 193 outpatient clinics and their affiliates. An experiment in computer vision is the project of the Moscow Government, which brought together medical organizations, software companies and research groups.