In Moscow for the past nine years, archaeologists have discovered 45 thousand artifacts, this year excavations will be conducted at almost 200 venues in the city. This is stated on the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

"15 August Russia celebrates the Day of the archaeologist – an informal celebration of unusual scholars who sit in their offices and looking for treasures literally under our feet. Only in the last nine years of the Moscow archaeologists have found 45 thousand artifacts", – stated in the message.

As noted, this year the specialists will conduct excavations approximately 200 sites. Main located at the intersection of Big Glades and Staromonetny pereulok in Kitai-Gorod in the former Warm trading rows on the territory of the Novodevichy convent, cinema "Art" and the former Pottery settlement in Sauze. In addition, specialists work in Stolbovo-1 in the settlement of the City.

The article says that the cultural layer of Moscow in some places exceeds 10 meters, so professionals possible to find artifacts from history. Often excavations carried out before the construction and repair works, as well as in the improvement of streets.

As told Deputy Director General of the company "Archaeological survey in construction" Vladimir Berkovich, from previous generations of archaeologists were left with a lot of information about the monuments that were found.

"unfortunately, often they are reduced to a point on the map. To take them under protection, you need to clearly define their boundaries" – are in the words of Berkowitz.

He added that in recent years large work was carried out in these areas.

As we learned earlier, experts of the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, resumed in July excavations on the territory of the Kremlin, found the items in the XV-XIV centuries belonged to nobles of high rank.

As specified, among the new finds is a unique collection of military equipment, objects of Christian cult and household items associated with everyday life of the Moscow elite of the XIV-XV centuries. It is about 30 plates from a brigandine armor, a detail of a helmet, arrowheads, coins of Grand Prince Vasily Dmitrievich (1389-1425), lead seal for sealing goods, style for writing on wax and bark rare form.