Approved the assistance to Russian citizens abroad

the Assistance will be provided to those who have tickets to Russia from March 16 to may 31 for the period from the date on the ticket and before the actual homecoming. Others will help on the basis of the government resolution from may 31, 2010 No. 370 “On approval of the Regulations on the provision of assistance in returning to the Russian Federation citizens of the Russian Federation located on the territory of a foreign state without means of subsistence”.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/ RIA Novosti the Cabinet will provide financial assistance waiting for departure in the Russian Federation the compatriots

For assistance, citizens must complete on a Single portal of public services in a special form. The authorities will check the veracity of the facts and circumstances of the applicant’s stay in another country. After checking in 24 hours a special Commission of the Ministry of foreign Affairs approves the application or denies if reveal facts wrong. Citizens know about the result via SMS and via email. In the same way they will be inform about the date and time of arrival of the special flight for export to Russia.

a day per person provided material assistance in the amount of 2400 rubles for a child under 14 years – 1600 rubles per day. The provision begins no later than 24 hours after a positive decision. Funds will be transferred to a Bank account opened in a Russian Bank.