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The work of Alexei German Jr. on the film "Air", the events that occur during the great Patriotic war interrupted gripped the world pandemic. When shooting resumed, now hard to say. Like most of us, Alex is quarantined. We talked on the phone.
International festival of mobile cinema is being held in Russia for the second time in the year when the mobile phone was 47 years old. The event organizers decided not to cancel in a pandemic, and to carry out all in online.
The struggle for survival of the theatre as the most living of all arts, gives birth to new forms. And broadcasts online already has its first competitor - the Theatre on the phone. Is the name of the project, conceived in the Union of theatrical figures. The first premiere will take place on the phone in test mode on April 12.
The correspondent of the site Вести.Ru reminds of long-forgotten fun and tells about the new capabilities of survival in conditions of forced isolation in a pandemic coronavirus.
Shown in the last day of the contest, the picture of Mohammad Rasoulof "there is no Evil" was awarded the "Golden bear" 70-th Berlin film festival as best film. The award was received by his daughter, because he Rasoulof takes the same path as his compatriot Jafar Panahi. Passport had not, as well as the right to leave the country. It is forbidden to remove, but it removes. The court sentenced Rasoulof to prison for anti-state activities threatening the national security. Silver bear for outstanding artistic achievement jury headed by British actor Jeremy irons was awarded the operator of the film "Dau. Natasha" Ilya Khrzhanovsky jürgen Urges – the German classics, who worked with Fassbinder, Wenders, Haneke.
70-th Berlin film festival was visited by Hillary Clinton, who became the heroine of the documentary series "Hillary," directed by Nanette Burstyn. 252 minutes of the picture among the first spectators appreciated and columnist for "MK".
The creators of the series "American horror story" announced the cast for the 10th season, which includes actor Macaulay Culkin
Russian Director Klim Shipenko explained why in many notable films of domestic production are removed the same actors. In particular, he responded to criticism of the actor Alexander Petrov, for his constant flashing on the lead roles in the film.
70-th Berlin film festival at the mid-point. Rating critics the leader until the contest picture "Undine" by German Director Christian Petzold, where everyone is familiar in Andersen's fairy tale the story about the mermaid moved to the present day.
The theater and film actress Kristina Asmus posted in Instagram post, in which he spoke about his new role in feature film "Bread"
70-m the Berlin film festival has long been there were not so many Russian films, except in the years of Perestroika. Now, after a radical change in the leadership of the festival, our film is again noticed. The choice was unconventional. Already hosted two premieres. In the framework of the jubilee of the 50th "Forum showed first feature film "the Town fell asleep" Maria Ignatenko, and speciality - "Lessons Farsi" Vadim Perelman, shot in co-production of Russia, Germany and Belarus.
70-th Berlin international film festival came to the middle. It is obvious that the advent of the new leadership, headed by Italian art Director Carlo Chatrian has drastically changed life is the oldest of the festival. Low politicization, what's always made the Berlinale, more pure art. Stars almost there, except that johnny Depp came to present their new work outside the main competition Yes, Sigourney weaver was on the opening day of the track star. With the advent of new curators seemed to have opened the gate, and of Russian cinema, which for many years it was the ordered way flooded.
Perhaps the most daring films of recent times have become "Fidelity", Nigina sayfullaeva and the "Call center" by Natasha Merkulova and Alexey Chupov. The heroine of the first suspects her husband of infidelity and found herself with random men. Actors Yevgeny Gromov and Alexander PAL not afraid of the most intimate manifestation, not only of the soul. Heroes of the second picture working in the online adult store and because of the mysterious circumstances follow the instructions of strangers the most intimate properties. To play such scenes, it took a brave actors.About how to withdraw "dangerous" scenes today, we spoke with Directors Natasha Merkulova ("Intimate place", "the Man who surprised everyone", "Call centre", together with Alex Copolym) and Nigina Sayfullaeva ("my name", "Deffchonki", "Loyalty").
They intend to appeal against the refusal of the office to issue a certificate for distribution
According to the Russian expert, the actor is very respected and appreciated his work
A retrospective is timed to memorable date: February 16, marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Director

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