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International festival of mobile cinema is being held in Russia for the second time in the year when the mobile phone was 47 years old. The event organizers decided not to cancel in a pandemic, and to carry out all in online.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has temporarily suspended international flights to the country until, until all arriving passengers put in quarantine at designated hotels
From 8 to 15 April, the Jews celebrate the Passover, one of the main festivals symbolizing the birth of a new Jewish people out of slavery. And already on April 12, the torch will be Western Christians, celebrating Easter, a story about the possibility of the son of man to transcend the physical shell and find a new life. By and large, we all celebrate the same holiday - the liberation from the shackles of injustice, and the transition to a new stage of awareness of the world.
Russia will continue to defend the legitimate right to Aleksandrovskoe farmstead, which was in January given to the Russian side. This was stated in the Russian Embassy in Israel, commenting on the situation around the archaeological complex scandalous situation
Pandemic coronavirus has not left indifferent any country of the world. "RG" learned how to live it and how to deal with it France, Italy, Greece, UK, Germany and Israel
More and more countries introduced large-scale restrictions on movement of citizens trying to stop the spread of coronavirus. What documents are needed in different States to exit to the street, read in the material "RG"
On the night of March 31 in the conference call, the Israeli government approved new measures to contain the coronavirus. Now banned prayer meetings inside the synagogues. The rabbis urged citizens to abide by the instructions of the authorities
The government of Israel Wednesday night, has tightened the rules of quarantine, extending it to seven days. More stringent measures will further restrict the movement of the Israelites. In the case of growth in the number of infections may be introduced a full blockade of the country
In connection with the extraordinary circumstances of foreign intelligence in Israel could not stand aside - in the course of a complex MOSSAD operation have already arrived in the country, 100 sets for analysis COVID-19. How special services help doctors, found "RG"
Ramzan Kadyrov has called "the deal of the century", proposed by trump as a way to resolve the situation in the middle East, "a crime against the entire Muslim world", roughly violates international law.
Experimental samples of vaccine against the coronavirus, the Israeli scientists will be able to provide seven to nine months. Now actively investigated "virulence" COVID-19, that is, the ability of an infectious agent to infect the human body
In Israel were registered 10 cases of infection with coronavirus. The primary source of new infections in the country was a local resident returning from a tourist trip to Italy
The beginning of the war of Turkey with Syria amid escalation of the situation in Idlib became a trap for Ankara and the Turkish leader, Tayyip Erdogan, said the decision of the CEC of the Turkish party Vatan ("homeland")
According to the channel Sky News Arabia, Palestinian factions and Israeli authorities reached an agreement on ceasefire
Middle East peace plan of President Donald trump is a "monstrous conception" of a Palestinian state, has no future, said the former head of Saudi intelligence.

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