the Krasnoyarsk politician and businessman Anatoly Bykov, who was arrested on suspicion of the 1994 murder of two members of his criminal group, wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which critical about what is happening in the country.

a Scan of the letter published in “KP Krasnoyarsk.” The report said that the letter of the Bulls was transferred from SIZO-1 through his lawyer.

Bykov writes that she is now with the President in similar terms – “You are in the bunker of his residence, and I in the bunker solitary confinement in SIZO-1 in Krasnoyarsk.” Then the businessman says that in these circumstances he opened a view of the country for which came the alarm.

“We came to the edge of the abyss, where in a multinational rich country – Russia, the authorities do not believe their own people! And people don’t believe the power! It is a great misfortune,” writes Bulls in the message.

He noted that the court, where he asked for house arrest or bail, he vouched for heroes of the Soviet Union, Olympic Champions, and the court of these distinguished people did not believe, and believe to those who have completed more than 25 years in prison.

According to Bykov, he’s already passed 20 years ago in the Meshchansky court of Moscow, and already then he realized that “something in our country is not as it should be in a democratic state”. Bulls says that while he, as member of the legislative Assembly struggled to Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant left in the Krasnoyarsk territory.

the Bulls said that time has proved him right, and that the people of the Krasnoyarsk region supported it, and today “we can see where we come from.”

“the Economy collapsed, several million hectares of forest burned, there are floods in the settlements explode warehouses in the vicinity where people live. The city of Krasnoyarsk and its dwellers hunted the “black sky”, the state officials jump out of the Windows of their home and administrative buildings, a huge theft of money allocated for the Universiade-2019, and the authorities that these outrages made, receive government awards and honor. And people that are not afraid of anyone or anything in prison, for faithful service to his country and his people” – outraged the Bulls.

Then, the businessman asks the Russian President a question about why the government does not respect their country and their people.

Signed the appeal of the Bulls as “the patriot of Russia and its people”.