60 years this Sunday, the first Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Russia Alexey Gromov. Alexei is one of the most influential politicians in the country. And he is honorary member of the elite Russian journalist workshop, the man who speaks with chief editors of leading Russian media on their language and enjoys their full support and trust.

the Function of “Ambassador of the Russian media in government” and “the Ambassador of the Russian authorities in the media,” Alexei Gromov performs for more than twenty years. Alexei — a figure that stands at the crossroads of two worlds and makes them understandable for each other. The head of the press service of the President of the Russian Federation, the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin during his first two presidential terms, Deputy and first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration — it looks like the list of posts that Alexei Gromov is since 1996. But “the case of Gromov’s” is a Prime example of how not the position makes the man, and the man paint job.

That’s about the main qualities of the celebrant spoke the legend of Russian journalism, former long-term Director General of TASS Vitaly Ignatenko: “I met Alexey Gromov, a long time ago, in a time when Sobchak and Clinton were men. He appeared from the nest of young diplomats, and journalism became for him a new challenge and a new challenge. Our brother is not so easy to find a common language. The more that Alexei came to our field in the days when journalism was in especially high esteem. At a time when the newspaper “some gentlemen wrote to the other gentlemen,” when the heads of the leading media were in sight and, one might say, “in authority”. However, Alexey Gromov very quickly managed to become an absolutely essential figure for editor-in-chief, and for the budding young journalist — in a word, for our shop. Gromov — people who understand us, who protects us and who supports us. Always thought Alexei Gromov very professional and very decent person. Second, our work is especially important. Happy anniversary you, Alexei!” The wording “MK” joins all warm words to the address of the celebrant and wishes him further success in the service of Russia!