The first with the Coronavirus-infected refugees from accommodation in the Baden-Württemberg have been recorded on Saturday in Althütte for a quarantine. The government Bureau of Stuttgart informed. First of all, two mothers were brought with their children, from the first recording facility Tübingen to Althütte. From the facility in Ellwangen (Ostalbkreis) were moved two women and three children, according to Althütte.

In the property in the former recreation centre of the southern Germany community Association in Althütte Refugees, who have tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, temporarily housed should be. In the leisure centre in the Rems-Murr-Kreis, between 30 to 60 are Refugees – individuals and where appropriate family without symptoms or with mild symptoms place. Severely ill people are primarily treated in hospitals in the environment of the respective LEA, for example, in Freiburg, Sigmaringen or Ellwangen. In Althütte particularly vulnerable, such as women with children, and smaller families are to be housed.

To ensure that the conditions of the home quarantine are complied with in the facility, will be used on the site, a security service. As long as the refugees are under quarantine, not allowed to leave the property. The three accommodation buildings were separated by a fence from the rest of the site. The device should provide for a discharge in the four land facilities, it said.