you Know that? Since few weeks the display has been stagnating on your balance, although you follow the well-intentioned advice, and plenty of vegetables to eat? This could be due to the wrong vegetables of choice. Because, as American scientists from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health have found in a study, there are vegetables that can sabotage your diet.

This vegetable you should avoid

For your knowledge, the scientists have monitored for 24 years, more than 133,000 men and women. Only data on the diet of the study participants were not collected, but also to their physical activity recorded. In principle, this large-scale study confirms: increased vegetable consumption helps weight loss. Who was, however, mainly on starchy vegetables like Corn, peas and potatoes, declined to instead.

there’s No question that These varieties are naturally healthy and rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements – but for successful weight control, they are less suitable. Instead, most of the weight was lost with vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

tip: less starch, more fiber

The reason the scientists see in the glycemic load and the content of ballast substances. In clear text: vegetables that contain little starch and a high proportion of indigestible fibrous materials, are best for losing weight. However, ensure varieties are the poor in fiber and rich in carbohydrates are more likely to for an increase in weight.

In the case of starch is a multiple sugar, i.e. carbohydrates, such as those found in white bread. Let the blood sugar is first sharply rise and then rapidly fall off. The result is cravings are. Fiber make, however, long tired of and ensure that of carbs to shoot so quickly into the blood.

conclusion: The mix is important. During your diet, you should keep in the selection of the vegetables in both the starch content and the amount of fiber in the eye. In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In the

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