Alisa Grebenshchikova, an actress and TV presenter, herself a Director. Not waiting when someone will bring on a silver platter as desired, achieves much myself. Recently in social networks pictures where a woman in her appearance broadcasts from the bath my thoughts. We talked with Alice about who her character is, on hamlet, which she offered to play, other unexpected images and projects generated by life in isolation. And what will happen after 65 years, if the legislation is approved, some restrictions in the sphere of culture.

– On your Facebook page these days began some unprecedented activity, motion, as they say. While in quarantine, you will participate in the most unusual projects. Who is that woman in the bathroom?

– Online encyclopedias began pretty quickly. I’ve finally posted the announcements and results of projects done in the days of quarantine. The woman in the bathroom – my heroine Evelina from the online series, shot in zoom. She is a popular blogger, and in the next series it will become clear why he broadcasts from the bathroom. The script was written by Denis Retrou. The work is the same as on conventional project: read the scenario, choose suits, remove the sample. The Director det instructions. The actors themselves take off their pieces and roles. This is what is called a format screen life. My friend even before its quarantine was trying to make a humorous series about training seminars. Now, online video has grown to unprecedented sizes. I would not say that this is a parody, rather a view of the quaint and very popular seminars, where it is not clear what is taught.

– today, many are engaged in online projects. At first it was interesting to watch them, but then the enthusiasm diminished.

– I Have from the beginning had to it the slightest interest. I don’t understand how you can look at endlessly. But a month passed, and it became clear that nothing living in the near future is not expected. I’ve been refused participation in online projects, and my first experience was with the Bolshoi drama theatre of St. Petersburg, where I was a guest of one of the programs. In the apartment the actor is set to camera for a few hours. Goes life. You can invite guests and they come, but virtual. We had a parallel stream my classmate and actress BDT Varvara Pavlova, which I came to visit. It’s not as scary if you do what you are good at and what you like. I began to look than do my colleagues. Something seemed nice, something still caused the rejection, because the people who are entering foreign territory, doing something they had not done, and it is not always interesting. After the experience with the BDT I did not abruptly reject guys that I have something to offer, began to take the first steps in the side online. The brightest day event – a shift in online ready play “Stihotvorenie” directed by Yulia Peresild. It seemed that it was impossible. There are so many movements. But Julia figured out how to do it. It turned out funny and not boring, what is most important. I always found it hard to watch the performances in the recording. But in the new format, when the artists initially rehearsing online, regroup, and play, given the circumstances, it looks completely different. May 24, our performance can be seen. At theatre “Practice” launched the project “the Practice of co-creation”. The audience choose the play, the Director and under the video of each of the actors write a comment: in what role I would like to see us. For example, there is the play “hamlet. Beginning,” and in the comments under his video I read that someone suggests me to play hamlet, and someone Ophelia.

– came the idea to do more directing? You own.

– at home in quarantine, I started to shoot video. I have long wanted to do this, but only now have the time.

Who do you shoot?

– housemate. He is an actor. We live in the same apartment block. There was a funny story. In my house on principle there isn’t anything that you would brew coffee. I do not drink it for a long time, and that there was no temptation, no plant, no machine for cooking. Every few days, could drink coffee at the coffee shop, especially when many nerves spent, just sitting in a cafe with my friends. But two weeks after the start of quarantine I realized that all the time I was in high nervous anticipation of what will happen next. Needed to vent. And so we wanted to sit over a Cup of coffee! I wrote in a chat our door: “Dear neighbors, maybe someone is willing to buy me coffee? The masks and gloves I’ll put the thermo at a safe distance.” Responded my neighbor and actor Ivan. Then came the idea to capture it on video. From that day we started to shoot video in the entrance and around the house, so as not to miss no roles and creativity. I’m doing a storyboard, assemble, pick the music. A friend of mine sings cool, and he invented the “balkanika”: makes a tool, speakers and a microphone on the balcony, an hour gives a concert for the residents of his courtyard and in parallel broadcasts in Instagram. I liked his song and I was asked to record it for me. Bogdan did it, and it sounds in our music video. I am now almost every night to write something down, rehearsing, preparing for entry.

– And all for free, on pure enthusiasm? The actors are forced to live on their old stock?

– Yes, as long as everything is done on pure enthusiasm, and the old stocks are dwindling. After the interview of the Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova became Yasbut that’s nothing especially good us in the near future will not wait and work will begin not very soon. Most upset due to the fact that now in museums will not be able to run people over 65 years of age. A huge number of experienced employees just older do a lot for the preservation of Russian culture. If they are legally forbidden to work in museums – is a great loss. And even cloakroom attendants over the age of 60 will not be able to work either in theatres, or museums. And this is a large reservoir of dedicated people. While the first step, and it turns out that, once a person retires, he can no longer work with people. Here it seems very dangerous to me. First, in one area it legalized, then in the other. The quarantine will be removed and restrictions will remain. In such a situation to do with men who have later retirement age? You basically can’t work, even if full of strength, energy, capable to bring benefit. A friend of my grandfather, for example, who is 90 years old, still teaches at the high school of Petersburg. Appreciate it very much and don’t want to let go of the chair. How to be in this situation? Then the actors are older than 65 years were forbidden to go on stage. The horror.

“For the quarantine period I have learned about myself is nothing new”

– due To new rules, Roskomnadzor shooting will also be specific. Some actors are afraid to play now. You would go?

– I would have gone. But I have a special situation: I’m separated in space with their adult relatives. Mom and grandpa live separately. I have no fear of bringing the virus into the house. Those who live in large families, isolated in the country with relatives, is another story. Hope crew projects will resume. But how it will comply with all regulations, can not yet imagine. Don’t understand how the theatre and museums they will be respected. Today I read how one of the theaters of Venice rebuilds hall: will clean the stalls, the audience will sit in the gallery and watch performances from the top, the orchestra will not be in the orchestra pit, and is widely planted around the ground.

What are your projects for the quarantine stopped abruptly?

At the end of may I was supposed to start shooting. It is clear that all decayed, and now no one of them speaks. I had planned performances, concerts with Yuri Bashmet in the far East, where I would read fairy tales. Will not take place during joint House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva project “the Poet and time”, and summer educational lectures – a series of “Amazon poetry” of women poets of the twentieth century. All this was postponed indefinitely.

– But the poems can be read from home?

Theoretically, Yes. But it’s not just up in his room and pochia thief. I work with musicians, other actors. I and so many online resources are sitting in your little room, because there are no other options. By the way, interesting project “tales of home” on Instagram. It has become international. There I read the works of one of my favorite living writers Yevgeny Klyuyev. First read his wonderful stories from the collection “Heart cut out of cardboard”, that makes me very happy.

you Have a program on the poetry of Edward Asadov. Recently, one of the teachers of the University on the online meeting with the students of the acting Department gave advice: do not read Asadov.

– Yes, I have a program “dance floor” in his poetry. I think the advice of a teacher to do with his personal taste preferences and the fact that from kindergarten, children are taught a certain way to read poetry. Judging by my own son, Alyosha, who had the happy opportunity to listen to good singers and poets. While he still drummed in kindergarten and school how to read. Very difficult then to move on to live human speech. It’s not so much the Present, as in iambic pentameter, which puts the applicant in a certain frame. Only seems to read it easier, but actually it is the easiest way to lose yourself.

As I understand, Assad is perceived by someone as the personification of vulgarity.

– a Huge number of people think so. But it’s their point of view. I have the book “Sixties” Dmitry Bykov, for whom I have great respect. There’s a whole Chapter is devoted to Asadov. Bykov writes that his poems do not stand up to scrutiny from the standpoint of literary criteria, and it is so obvious that to prove it is ridiculous. He’ll take them to pop culture. Assad does not need my protection. But I believe that everyone chooses for himself those poems that echo in his heart. It is important that they are, in principle, answered. Let someone who understands Brodsky, and someone Asadov. It is naive to believe that 90 percent of readers know the Brodsky. This is not so. I would just his poems are not encouraged to read at the entrance examinations in theatrical Institute because it is a big responsibility. When young people read his poetry, it is nothing but Epifania own importance not obtained. May 24 marks 80 years since the birth of Joseph Brodsky, and I will take part in the play “Brodsky Poetry.” This is the rare case when we play live on stage, but not for the audience and for the cameras. All will come out one by one with a safety.

How far you have walked over the past two months?

I didn’t know about yourself is nothing new. No talents in me is not opened. Maybe I had a little Bowhere time in order to improve culinary skills. But I was a good cook. I knew that I will miss live communication. It’s hard for me without the people-their eyes, their energy. That would be difficult without a scene, I knew it. There was only one slice of life when I had nothing from the outside. My son is Alyosha was very small and we lived in the country. It was a beautiful, self-contained world. Alesha is now grown up, he’s almost 12 years old, and he doesn’t need me is not something every minute, but every hour. He is in the process of separation, and he even asks me sometimes to go out. I go to the store and try to walk around the house. Must breathe air and give son the opportunity to be alone, loud music, make some noise, hang out with friends on the phone, not thinking about what my mom will hear what they talk about. I perfectly understand it, because I remember myself at that age.

– Easily Alyosha takes a seat in the house?

– He tolerate the isolation much better than I do. We have a pretty hard mode: rise time and lights out Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It maybe an hour to play with friends online. Classes in a secondary school ended, but remained individual in several subjects. Alesha loves math – let deals. There is a certain number of pages he needs to read per day. Maybe such a mode makes it easier to survive the isolation. My mode is associated only with food.

– Many have fallen into depression, barely tolerate quarantine.

– This largely depends on the character. I’m always on the move. Depression I have never been typical. I know such a thing as longing, which then degenerates into creative projects. Even need to be fed with the longing to make something interesting program, a play, give it a particle of some of its roles. For many years I do not expect the mercy of nature and its cinematic and theatrical colleagues. A lot come up and do myself. I’m not the artist, which depends on the location to his producers and Directors because they do not receive it in the quantities in which we would like. I’m not spoiled with the abundance of interesting proposals. Do what I like, and that, as it turned out, the response from the audience. In the current situation I do not lose heart. It’s not in my nature.


Svetlana Khokhryakova

Alice Grebenschikova suggested to play hamlet.

“In the current situation I do not lose heart. It’s not in my nature.”