the Cost of fuel as a result of tenders stated in the letter, compared with July rose at the airport Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg) to 62,1%, Domodedovo and 33.4%, Zhukovsky – 36%, the airport of Saint-Petersburg, Russia – 18%, in Vladivostok – 20,4%, in Blagoveshchensk – 21,1%, in Irkutsk – 28,1%, Krasnodar – 48,4%, in Krasnoyarsk – 48,6%.

According to the participants of the transport market, this situation eliminates all previously taken by the government and airline efforts to overcome the crisis. The increase in the cost of jet fuel will inevitably lead to a rise in price of tickets.

During a pandemic due to the closure of the airline were forced to reduce the volume of traffic. For the affected carriers, the government allocated from its reserve Fund 23.4 billion rubles. Of 10.9 billion rubles was granted for the support of the Russian airports.