While Liverpool FC celebrates the successful season with its fans despite the missed title in the end, Fabinho’s wife provokes Premier League rivals Manchester City.

“Brutal dig”: Despite losing the final in the Champions League, Liverpool are celebrating. Midfield star Fabinho’s wife, Rebeca Tavares, took the opportunity to fire a “brutal dig” at Manchester City, according to “Mirror”. Tavares tweeted several images from the Liverpool parade and taunted Man City, who narrowly beat Liverpool to win the league a week earlier.

‘Cannot be bought with oil’: Tavares: ‘We are Liverpool, that means more! See you next season, red family. Thanks for your support. There are just things that oil can’t buy,” Tavares wrote, referring to Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi-based owners. Tavares alludes to the greater emotionality at Liverpool and the greater number of fans compared to the rival.

“Wave of anger”: According to “Mirror,” the comment sparked “a wave of anger” among City fans. Tavares, however, counters this and says not to be impressed by any hatred. In another tweet she says: “My hobby at the moment is reading hate comments in my tweets. The truth hurts.”