The Premier League wants to punish space storms by fans harder. The regulations should already apply to the new season. Recently there have been repeated attacks when fans stormed playing fields.

New rules: Premier League officials want tougher action against storming pitches. This is reported by the “BBC”. Penalties ranging from partial exclusions of spectators to fines for the clubs are planned. This should give the clubs more responsibility. The new rules could be introduced as early as the new season.

Not a trivial offence: “It is a criminal offense to step on the field,” clarifies English Football League chairman Trevor Birch. “Even if some believe that a space storm is harmless, this behavior is unacceptable and serves as a cover for criminal offenses.” That will no longer be tolerated, Birch said.

Again and again attacks: In the last few weeks there have been several space storms in England, especially in the lower English leagues. There are always attacks on players. Among other things, a fan was arrested when he attacked and injured a player. Therefore, those responsible now feel compelled to act.

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